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This is not true, it's just a fantasy of mine.

So I had to spend two weeks with my grandma since she needed help. The thing is that I keep thinking about her boobs. She's 62, but her boobs are still looking amazing for her age. They're round, big and a bit saggy but they look so good. Usually, when she would come at my place I would always try to touch her boobs. I tried a couple of methods, like looking through the bathroom keyhole, coming from behind when she would sit down etc, but never really succeded. Oh well, my parents dropped me off at my grandma's place. To cut to the chase, she said that I could sleep with her in her bed. That thought alone made me semi hard. After we ate dinne, we both changed into our pajamas and went to sleep. She is a very heavy sleeper. So of course I couldn't sleep and the only thing that kept thinking about was her boobs and her body to be honest. So I started by putting my hand on her ass and just caressing it. Then, I was slowly moving my hand under her t shirt and to her boobs. She didn't wear a bra. I touched her really slow, than I touched lightly one of her nipples. She moved so I retracted my hand back and went to sleep. I was drooling with precum. The next day she didnt say anything to me and in the afternoon she said that her leg was in pain so I offered to give her a massage. Ahe said that was sweet of me and to not worry if she falls asleep. She fell asleep eventually and I was able touch her vagina through the fabric of her panties. At night she said she wanted to talk to me about something. She said that she knew what I did last night and in the afternoon. I was embarassed but she told me not to worry and asked me if I like her boobs that much. I said yes and she said that I could play with her boobs whenever I wanted, but only her boobs, not much more and to not tell anybody. I told her that I wanted to play with her tits then so that I could sleep better. She took off her bra and there they were. So big and round. I started to lick her nipples and bite them. Then I took off her pants and she remained only in her underwear. She was shocked but I said that I had to cum. I grinded my penis on her vagina and then I came, having the best orgasm ever. We repeated this for the next days