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I am 38 tears old and I have seen my share and then some. Most were smaller that they bragged about, but small ones are good for sucking and I like to do that. My husband walked out on me 5 years ago when my son was just 13 he said I can't stand being married any more. I was upset for the next year as far as I was concerned I thought everything was fine but I guess it wasn't for him.

My son and I went on with our lives him in school and me at work and dating once in a while when I was lonely or horney.

Now the confession I walked into the bathroom not knowing that my son was just getting out of the shower he was standing there with the biggest cock I had ever seen it must have been at least 8 inches long and about half hard not soft and it wasn't just laying there it was standing out from his body.

I stood there looking at it and he said Mom stop looking at me. I am sorry son I didn't know that you were in here. He grabbed a towel and wrapped up in it. I walked out of the room but the image of his cock was in my head how could it be that big his father's was just normal size.

That night I went to bed thinking about his cock and when I could see it again.

The next day was Saturday and he sleep late so I went in his room to wake him he was covered up, but he had a hard on and it showed right thru his shorts. He said Mom I have to go pee and he jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

I couldn't stop thinking about his big hard cock so I went into the kitchen and started breakfast trying to take my mind off him.

After we ate I started the dishes and he went to his room and finished getting dressed then yelled I am going over to Tommy's house see you later.

My mind was going crazy thinking what I could do to get some of that cock.

That night I went out with a friend from work and meet a guy at the singles dance I thought if I got laid i would forget about my son's cock, but that didn't work he was ok but not as big as I wanted.

What is wrong with me I thought why do I need that big thing that my son had in his pants and would this tear us apart if I touch him or I mean it.

The next weekend I set a plan into action I bought a 6 pack of beer and a small bottle of whiskey and I would seduce my son and if he was a little drunk he would go along with it. Saturday night I asked him if he had any plans he said no. I said good I wanted you to stay home so I wouldn't be alone.

After supper I told him to pick out a movie to watch while I took a shower he yelled I will take one after you. Great a nice clean cock is what I wanted.

I put on a thin gown and sat on the couch and waited for him to came out of the bathroom. He came out with just a thin pair of shorts on and I could see the outline of his cock pressing against the material.

Son let's have a drink I told him I will go make it. I made his stronger that mine and brought us each a beer. He drank his and said can I have more. So I went to the kitchen and made him a stronger one. He took it from me and said sit beside me mom. I did and he said I am really not use to drinking, but this tastes so good I want more. I said easy on this stuff or you will get drunk and sick and we don't want that.

We sat there watching some blow up movie and then came a part with the leading man took the ladies blouse off and started playing with her tits

I looked over and my son's cock was getting hard. I cuddled up to him and he put his arm around me and laid it near my breast. I moved so that his hand would touch my left tit and he would feel the nipple. He began rubbing my breast and finishing his drink. He said I think I have had enough to drink.

I laid my hand on his leg and slowly began to rub he moved sideways and my hand went on his cock. It was hard and I wasn't sure how to handle it so I just began rubbing it back and forth.

He was squeezing my tit and my gown was almost up to my waist I wanted him to see my pussy and want it.

I put 2 hands on his cock and and continued rubbing it I wanted to see it again. He moved his other hand to my pussy and slid it between my legs I was getting wet already and wanted him inside me.

I began pulling his shorts down and he picked his ass up so I could get them off and there was his beautiful big cock.

He had his finger inside of me so I dropped my head down and started sucking his cock it was so big I had trouble getting it in my mouth.

He stopped fingering me and laid his head back and said suck my cock lady.

I took off my gown over my head and put my tit in his mouth he sucked on it and said suck my cock some more.

I said no I want that thing inside of me and lifted my leg over him and guided his cock into me I was right I had never had one that big and it was slow going to try to take it all. I put my hand down between my legs and he still had at least 2 of 3 inches out of me. He grabbed my waist and shoved up as he pulled me down and drove his whole cock inside of me it was so big that it hurt my insides.

I guess I got what I was asking for and now I was trying to get away, but he picked me up and put me on the floor and keep driving his cock into me.

I told him you are so big you are hurting me.

He said you know you wanted it just spread your legs a little wider.

I reached down and grabbed my thighs and pulled them up and he was hitting the bottom of my vagina and I could feel his cum shooting into me.

Please stop you are ruining me I begged him.

He didn't stop he was doing me again and with in the next couple of minutes he was cuming again.

He said your pussy is so full it's running down your ass. He picked me up and slid his finger up my asshole then put his lips to mine and said I call this an air tight fuck all your holes are full.

Please stop I was crying now you are killing me. You know you wanted this you couldn't wait to get my cock in you he yelled at me.

I will take it out of you only if you suck on it he told me.

I agreed and he pulled it out it was still half hard he sat on the couch and I got on my knees in front of and started sucking his wet cock.

Tell me how much you love my cock lady and keep sucking it he said.

I love your cock I told him as I knelt there in front of him I could feel his cum running out of me my pussy was sore it had never taken a beating like that before. He reached down and started jerking his cock into my mouth. Here I cum he said and shoved his cock almost down my throat shooting his load down my throat swallow it all he ordered. I sucked as much of his cum as I could and swallow it.

I went into the bathroom and tried to clean myself up and took some mouthwash.

When I came out he was still on the couch with his cock hanging out put on your shorts I told him. I can't believe you did that to your Mother.

You were not my Mother tonight just a whore that wanted a big cock to fill a need and I gave it to you he said and you took the whole thing inside your pussy no girl has ever done that before some are afraid to try, but not you you took the whole thing in your pussy.

You don't care that you could have hurt me I told him. Your pussy will be ok It's just that now you are going to want guys with big cocks he said.

We never had sex again or talk about the way he was that night.