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We were both drunk. We'd been married about two years and like to drink on Friday nights and fuck. He has an average cock, about six inches long and fairly thick and usually makes me cum. Sometimes we get a little kinky and tie each other up. I love sucking his cock. He has a small hood and when I rub it back and forth it really makes him hard. The only thing it that I think he's a little feminine and often wondered if he was secretly gay. That night I got him especially drunk and told him I wanted to suck him until he exploded. He let me tie him to the bed and I started to suck his cock. It soon got hard. I knew that the drunker he got the more he would tell me all his secrets. He was blasted that night and hardly knew what I was doing. After I got him hard I started to play with his nipple with one hand and his nuts with my other. Then for the first time I slipped my hand down to his asshole. I was circling his hole when I asked if he liked it. He said he did. He was hard as a fucking rock now and I laid on top of him and started kissing him. He was in a zone so I broke the kiss and asked if he liked his cock sucked. He said he did. Then I asked if he liked sucking cock also. He said he did. I knew it. Then I went back to sucking him and playing with his asshole. I inserted a finger into his ass, then a second finger and told him I needed him to let me watch him suck cock. He was drunk enough to say it would be great.

I had a friend at work who I knew was gay and one day we got talking about sex and I told him I thought my husband liked cock and asked him if he was willing to let my hubby suck his cock in front of me. He said he was more bi-sexual but would love to have a new guy suck him. I set it up for Friday night. I brought a case of beer home and hot my husband, Terry, pretty drunk. Then I said I was going to tie him up again. We went into the bedroom and I had him strip and lay down on his stomach and tied his hands and feet to the corners of the bed. I massaged his back a bit and played with his ass cheeks for a bit. Then I told him I had a special surprise for him. I could tell that his cock was hard with anticipation. As if on cue the doorbell rang. It was Art, my gay friend from work. I invited him in and told him my hubby was tied up in the bedroom and if he wanted to fuck Terry he was more than welcome to. Terry was tied and I even put a sleeping mask on him to blindfold him.

The Art walked in he saw Terry laying on the bed naked. He didn't waste any time but got undressed and crawled up on the bed. He sat in front of Terry and I said the I needed him to suck what ever was put in his mouth. Art scooted forward until his cock was at Terry's lips. He pushed in and Terry started to suck him. He was a little bigger than Terry but not massive. I got my phone and started the video. I watched my husband suck this guy's cock until he exploded in Terry's mouth. Terry took it all with no problem. He kept his cock in Terry's mouth until he started to get soft, then hard again. I was so turned on I stripped and started to finger fuck myself. But what really turned me on was when Art moved around and started to tongue Terry's asshole. I was watching with two fingers in my pussy. and nearly came when Art scooted up and shoved his cock in Terry's ass. Terry just kept saying "Fuck me. Fuck me harder." Terry was plunging in and out of Terry's asshole with abandon. Then he said he was gonna cum and looked at me. I told him to go ahead and he filled Terry's ass with his cum. He was finally spent and pulled out. He got dressed and I walked him to the door. He said Terry had a great ass and he would fuck him anytime I wanted.

I went back and untied Terry and took the mask off. I never did tell him who it was who fucked him but on his back when I plunged my pussy down on his cock he forgot all about the cock in his ass. I came harder than ever that night and so did he. I finally discovered the secret to my husband. Have him get fucked before I fuck him. I ordered a strap on and a few days later it arrived. That Friday night I tied him up again and came out of the bathroom wearing the strap-on. I told him that I knew he liked getting fucked and proceeded to fuck him with the rubber cock. He came hard and so did I.

Ever since that night with Art I knew he liked cock as well as pussy. I've accepted that fact and I'm oddly okay with it. The only stipulation for us is that he can have all the cock he wanted as long as I could have all the pussy or strange cock I wanted as well. We've turned into real swingers and neither of us have a problem sucking on strangers' cocks or eating strange pussy. We love sex and have been sucking and fucking ever since.