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My son was in the boy scouts when he was 8 yrs old, he had a friend who was 9, and his friend who had a little brother who was 6. My son's friend stayed with us every weekend and his little brother stayed over too. One weekend the 6 yr old came out of the bathroom and didn't flush the toilet, when I looked in there was a huge turd in the toilet, and it was bigger then my 7 inch cock! Being a bi man, my mind went right to was this little boy being fucked and I thought I bet that I could fuck him easily. So I got an idea, I went to the store buying cherry flavored benadryl, and cherry coke. That night I gave the three boys the coke and added a big dose of benadryl in the 6 yr old's drink. They all laid in front of the tv watching cartoons, come bedtime the two boys started trying to wake up the 6 yr old, and I told them to leave him be, that I'll let him sleep on the sofa. They agreed and went to their room closing the door.

As soon as the door shut I picked up the little boy, laid him on the sofa, on his belly, so his torso was laying on the seat of the sofa, and his legs was hanging over. I was rock hard at this point, I pulled his undies down exposing his tiny little butt, and I reached in the end table taking out some anal lube I placed there earlier. I lubed up his little butt hold, dipping one finger into his ass, there was no resistance, and I pulled it out, then shoved two fingers int his little butt hole, and then again there was little to no resistance.

I took my cock out, then started rubbing the head of my cock around his little hairless butt hole, and I pushed the head of my cock into his little 6 yr old butt, the head of my cock easily slid into his hole. So I pushed deeper, he moaned ever so lightly, I pulled back a little, and sank my cock into his little body, again he moaned a little. Then I started slow fucking this little 6 yr old boy's tight butt hole, it felt so good I didn't last long, and I started filling his little body with cum. After I was done I cleaned him up, pulled his undies back up, and put him on the sofa.

The next day he said nothing and he acted like nothing was wrong.

I've been fucking him for almost two years now, he is now 8 yrs old, and still every weekend I fill his little butt with my seed.