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My wife is a drug whore and I kicked her to the curb shortly after my daughter was born. When my daughter was 3 she discovered my dick, she was on my lap when I fell asleep in a chair watching the television, and I got hard, I always get hard when sleeping. When I woke up she asked what it was, after I got passed the whole boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina, she wanted to see. So I showed her and let her touch it, no I didn't get hard.

After she checked me out, she dropped her panties and started checking herself out. Then she wanted to know why I have a dick and her a pussy, she wanted to know why we had them. So I explained when a man and woman love each other they connect with them and then that's how a baby is made. Yes I over explained it all to her because now the "why" questions came flying at me, and I don't know why I over explained it all to my 3 year old daughter, maybe it in a way turned me on.

With that being said, I kept going with it all and again I was in a way getting turned on by explaining sex to my daughter, even through she is only 3. I started becoming hard and again I got flooded with questions, then of course she was amazed it grew, and then now it's hard too. So I went to the next step, as opposed to explaining it to her, I opened my laptop, and started showing her videos of a guy fucking a woman. She was fascinated how the cock slide in and out of the woman's pussy. She then of course wanted to try and of course I said no. Then I clicked on a new video, it was a woman sucking a guy's cock, and as he started cumming in her mouth, my daughter blurted out "wow daddy, do you do that? Does it taste good?, Is that stuff milk daddy"?

As I was trying to explain to her what that white stuff is, all she was thinking of was what it tasted like, and now she wanted to see my dick again. I pulled my dick out to show her and as soon as she touched it, her mouth opened, and she went for it. I at first stopped her, but she kept saying "please daddy, I want to taste it", and the more she begged to taste my cum the more turned on I was becoming. Then I figured what's the harm, so the next time she went for it I let her, and I felt the warmth of my daughter's mouth on the head of my now hard cock.

I started softly stroking the top of her head, telling her what a good girl she's being, and as I looked down at my little daughter sucking the head of my cock, I was going to start to cum. I told her "here it comes baby, keep your mouth on it sweetie" and I watched her cheeks puff out with the first blast of cum, she choked a little then I heard her make a gulp sound. Then as soon as she gulped down my first blast, I filled her mouth again, and again I heard her make a gulping sound. Since I haven't cum in a long time, I filled her mouth a few times, and when I was done her response, "wow daddy, it tastes good, make more" as she started sucking on my shrinking cock. Then of course I had to explain why it got soft and why she has to wait for more cum.

This went on for several years, she sucked me off, and drank my cum at least a couple times a day. When she was around 7 we was having an addition added to our home, one day I caught her sucking one of the construction workers in the bathroom, and when I walked in the guy was in a total panic. For what ever reason I was okay with it ad told him to calm down, it was okay, and then looked at my little girl saying "go ahead baby, make him cum", she went right to his pants trying to get them open again. The guy opened his fly letting his huge soft cock flop out and I watched my daughter get her mouth on his cock as soon as it flopped out. As I'm watching my daughter suck this guy's cock I took out my cock and started stroking it. Then the guy announced "I'm going to cum", my daughter simply make a "mmmmmm" sound, and I said "that's it man, fill my daughter's mouth with cum". I then heard him grunt, my daughter started making slurping and gulping sounds. As soon as she was finishing him up, I felt my cum boiling up, I announced "I'm going to cum baby", I watched my daughter flip around so quick, and got her mouth on my cock just as I started squirting cum.

The guy quickly zipped up and got out of the bathroom. My daughter was finishing me up, she then looked up at me saying "that was fun daddy, can we do another one", and I said "yes baby but we have to be careful". Later that day I pulled that guy aside saying "my little girl loved drinking your cum, do you know anyone else you can trust"? He said "hell yes I know a few guys that love little girls", I told him why don't he get a couple together and come over tonight. That night he texted me saying he had four guys that want to come over tonight and I told my daughter there was four men plus the guy she sucked today, she got so excited.

That night after they got there, I told my daughter to take off her cloths, and within minutes we all was naked, as they started all petting her she started sucking one of the guys, and one asked "does she fuck too". Right after I said "no she just sucks", my daughter pulls the guy's cock out of her mouth saying "yes daddy, I want to do that too", and the guy looks at me with a huge grin. I said to my little girl as she's back on the guy's cock, "no baby it's going to hurt the first few times", she takes the cock back out of her mouth and says "so daddy, I want to do that too". I said "okay, but I'm first".

I walked her over to the couch, laid her down, I guy got over her face feeding her his cock, as I got some lube, and started lubing up her bald little pussy. I got on top of her, lined up my rock hard cock to her little hole, and pushed the head of my cock in my 7 year old daughter's tight virgin pussy, and she let out a loud "ouch daddy, that hurts", I replied "I told you baby, it will only hurt a minute, and it'll be okay", she said "okay daddy, do it", with that I shoved my whole cock inside her little body. She screamed, then started to cry, I told her to just relax as I left my cock buried deep inside her little pussy, and after a minute or so she stopped crying. I asked if it stopped hurting and she said yes, it don't hurt real bad like it did. So I slowly pulled out a little, then pushed it back in, and she just simply grunted this time.

As the five guys was just standing there jacking their cocks as they watched me start to slow fuck my little girl, then the guy she was sucking got back over her dangling his cock near her mouth, she opened her eyes when his cock touched her lips, and she went back to work sucking on his cock. I slow fucked her a minute, as my orgasm started to build, I started fucking her faster, and harder, and I could tell she was in pain, she didn't say anything just laid there grunting as I buried my cock in her. I started to cum and it was the hardest I ever came, ever! After I finished pumping my little daughter's pussy full of cum, as I watched my cock slide from her little gaped pussy, my cum poured from her little body, and I heard a guy say "I'm next".

All six of us fucked my daughter in both ends over and over again! Then the guys started to pull out and cum on her, at the end of the night she was covered in cum. The next morning my daughter said her pussy hurt, I told her it will be sore for a couple days, and no more cock in her little pussy for a few days. It was only two days later when she was sucking my cock she asked "daddy will you put you cock back in me, but not so hard this time", I told her that I'd be easy, and I started out by licking her little hairless pussy which she seemed to really love. I lined up my cock to her little hole, slowly pushing it in to her, she moaned a little, and I asked her if she was okay, she said yes that it don't hurt anymore.

My daughter is now 23 and she is a total cum slut, she will suck off or let just about any cock fuck her.

I even watched her let a large dog fuck her and when that dog's knott pulled out of her, her gaping pussy fucking gushed cum! It was the hottest thing I've ever seen, but that's another story, and yes she drank dog cum too.