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Ive been having these dreams for the past couple of years it started when i was about 14 after hearing my mom and dad having sex im now 24 and still have the dreams but while hearing them have sex i would also masturbate listening to them go at it, this one time i even heard him licking her out. My mum and dad split up when i was about 16 i went with my mum and went to my grandparents one day i we had a bunk bed in my grandparents and i was on the top bunk and my mum was on the bottom and she was watching a film and i had a feeling she was masturbating this got me hard so i started imagining just licking that pussy.

So these dreams are me just fucking my mum everytime and now i want to tell her ive been having these dreams but dont know how to tell her that they are sexual dreams about her, it just gets my hard thinking about having sex with my own mum. I dont know what to do and why i feel this way.