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I was in community theater with a woman named Janet. We were wait behind the dark curtain until our cue then come out to the stage. About the third rehearsal while we were waiting she backed into me. I had on black tights for my costume. I apologized and rehearsal went fine. The next night she backed into me again. I felt it was on purpose so I grabbed her ass. She didn't move so I got a little bolder and reached around and grabbed a tit through her costume. The night after that I was waiting for her to back into me again but instead she turned around to face me and grabbed my cock through my tights. When I was I was married she said that's the safest kind and rubbed me a little more. After rehearsal she asked me to drive her home.

Instead of driving her straight home she asked if I wanted to kidnap her. When I said that would be fun she navigated me to a back road. We were in my minivan and when we finally stopped in the middle of nowhere she said we should get into the seat. It was a bench seat and when we crawled into the back she told me to get undressed. We kissed for a bit and she undid my pants and pulled them off. I was already half hard when she put her mouth on my cock. Her hand reached down to caress my nuts as I got hard. Then she said "Will you still kiss me if I swallow?" I said "Oh honey, fuck yeah." She proceeded to suck me until I said I was cumming. Then I felt a finger on my asshole and she pushed in. My orgasm was intense and she swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked until I was totally spent. I said "That was fucking great" and she finally took her mouth off of my cock. Then I said "It's my turn" and we undressed her.

I knelt down and started to lick her already wet pussy. She was clean shaven except for a diamond patch above her cunt. I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could and 10 minutes later she said to suck on her clit. When I did she said she was going to cum and proceeded to fill my mouth. I licked her clean and laid on top of her and we made out for another 15 minutes. It was the greatest blowjob I'd ever had and I finally drove her home. We spent nearly every night of the play sucking each other. My one regret was that she wouldn't fuck me. She said in honor of her husband she would do about anything but fuck. I thought, "How fucked up is this?" but between the cocksucking, pussy licking and her finger fucking my ass while I filled her mouth with my cum it was one of the best few weeks of my life. It's too bad I can't get my wife to do the same.

And we wonder why men cheat?