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We/d been married for about 35 years and she wasn't interested in sex anymore at all. She wouldn't jerk me off anymore. We had a heart to heart about it and she said I was free to explore any avenue I wanted. I tried to hook up with a few women but struck out every time. Then one day she caught me looking at gay porn. One guy had just finished another to full erection and now they were fucking. The big guy had his cock in the other's ass and was fucking like there was no tomorrow. She rubbed my shoulders and gently said that if I wanted to explore with men it was okay with her. We loved each other very much but I just needed a little more in a relationship. She said she knew a guy at work that I could have an experience with if I wanted. His name was Terrance and she knew he was gay.

After the embarrassment was over I said I thought I'd like to try it. A couple weeks later when I got home she was in the living room with a guy. She introduced us. His name was Terrance and he was the guy she was talking about. She told me to go take a shower and just lay on the bed naked when I was done. When I got out of the shower I was nervous as shit. Not only was I about to have a gay experience but my wife was going to watch. Even though I was a little scared I was excited. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes. Before I knew it I had a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes and Terrance was sucking my cock. It took a little while for me to relax enough to accept him sucking me but I soon started to respond. My wife, Kara was sitting on the bed holding my hand and staring at him sucking me. I finally got hard but before I could cum he got off of me. He stripped and I looked at his cock for the first time. He mounted my chest and put his cock up to my mouth. I hadn't planned on sucking a cock but when he pushed in a little I opened my mouth and took him in. It was the most exciting experience. I was soon sucking his cock like a pro. Kara was watching intently and telling me it the most exciting thing she ever saw. I was really into it and when he was hard he was a little bit bigger than me. I had about four inches of him in my mouth when he said he was about to cum. I started wondering whet it would be like so I grabbed his ass and pulled. His cock was about to hit the back of my throat when he started to cum. I loved it. It was slippery, it smelled great and I swallowed every fucking drop. I noticed my cock was still hard. Kara kept saying "That's it honey take it all. Let him fill you up." He did. Then he finally pulled out of my mouth and said to jerk him until he got hard again. His cock was staring me in the face so I reached up and started to stroke his cock. It took a bit but he was finally getting hard. When he was sticking out fully he moved down between my legs and lifted my legs. He licked my cock and balls a few times and then his tongue was playing with my asshole. He licked me for a few minutes and then a finger was inside me. This was a first as well. Kara was watching intently and encouraged him to stretch me out. He put a second finger inside me and started to finger fuck me. It felt great but the greatest feeling was when he shoved his cock in me. My ass was lubed well from his spit and there wasn't any real pain. He started slowly but when he started to fuck me in earnest Kara was sitting there with her pants unbuttoned and her hand on her pussy. She was about to cum. Her eyes were closed and when Terrance said he was gonna cum she said "Oh fuck. Me too."

I got an ass full of cum and it was the first time in many years Kara had an orgasm. When Terrance finally left she said we should talk about it. She said it was okay if I wanted to fuck other men as long as she knew and sometimes would be there if my partner was okay with it. She and I don't fuck anymore but I've had lots of men over to suck each other's cocks and fuck. I'm definitely a bottom and will take nearly any size cock in my ass. I love it and am looking forward to many more cocks in the future. For this I think we have the perfect fucking marriage.