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I have three stepdaughters, all three are fully grown women. As grown women, at some point, in their early adulthood, I have laid eyes on each of them pussies.

My oldest, was actually sick. And I was home, off from work, milling around. When I happened to walked past her open door. She was on her bed under the covers, curled up as if she was freezing. What caught my eye and made me stop was that she was covered everywhere, except her naked ass was sticking out of the covers. No panties, just ass and pussy. I stood there for several minutes, saving to moment. I then woke and told her to cover up.

My mistake. Never saw that again.

My youngest daughter was always a flirt with me. I was working in the back yard when she came to tell me she was going around to a friend house. At the time she had on a tight pair of jeans. For some unknown reason, I felt she would come back in a few minutes.

So I decided to start a porno video on my laptop, turn the volume down to where I could barely could hear it. I also squeezed the video, down to the smallest screen possible. Placed the video in the corner of my laptop desktop. Left it on the kitchen table, and went back to work in the backyard. Sure enough my daughter, returned early, came around to the backyard to let me know she was back and to go thru the back door.

I can not tell you what happen, I just know about thirty minutes later she comes out the back door wearing a form fitting summer dress.

She made the dress  beautiful wearing it. Large pastel flowers of many colors adorned the dress. I stop everything I was doing and asked her if I could take some pictures of her in it.

Back then I had a 35mm camera which took a roll of film. I must have taken thirty shots of her. At the time, I knew the summer dress material was thin, but when I came back with the camera, the bright sun had turned the dress completely see thru. Silhouetting her figure, bra and panties. Over a course of a few months I took pictures of her in her panties and bra sets as well as her mother's lingerie. What I didn't do was fuck her. Should have. Had several chances, just didn't do it.

Even today she still flirts with me.

My middle daughter is my favorite. She's the one I did fuck and still occasionally fuck. What started it, she had seen several  of the pictures I took of her sister. They were just risque enough without getting me or her questioned. Anyway my middle daughter ask me to take several pictures, similar to what I did for the youngest. While taking the pictures, I got her to take several pictures in her mom's lingerie, the every same ones her sister used.

My collection was almost complete. I had pictures of their mother wearing the same red babydoll lingerie outfit as her two youngest daughters. well as the nice sexy pictures but

What surprised me about the middle daughter is how much taller she were over her mother and sister. She barely fit in her mother's babydoll outfit.

I have two serious fetishes. One; is a pair of panties worn by a woman. Not the well worn all day stank kind. But the "I put these on just for you," sexually dampen with her unique fragrance. Two; Pussy, LOVE to eat it. Not just any pussy either. Just out of the shower, bend over touching your toes, so I have to work to get every drop.

The day it happened, my middle daughter had modeled several sets of bra and panties. This was after I had shaven her clean and she was fresh out of the shower. I had asked her to lay back on the bed and instead of her pulling off her panties I pulled them to one side and began to lick her pussy from end to end.

I pulled her farther off the bed, I started rubbing the length of my dick up and down her pussy. Stopping long enough to push the head in, feeling her need as she raised her hips, using her pussy to grab as much and try to get more in. The more I pulled out and started rubbing again, the wetter she got. This cause me to bend down place her legs over my shoulders and savor her unique favor.

The pat myself on the back, came after she had straddle my face and had been grinding her pussy on my tongue for a minute. I looked up and she had this long drool of saliva hanging from her lip. The concentration on her face said she wanted this orgasm.

We fucked and sucked for years after that. But truly, the first year I believe she truly liked fucking her me. One time, she had gotten pretty pissed about me continuing to fuck her mom.

Demanded for me to end fucking her mom. Shit her mom had good pussy. And when my answer wasn't to her liken, her whole attitude  changed. From then on I either begged for a piece of ass or paid for it some kind of way.

The crazy thing was when I begged for a piece, she wouldn't let me fuck her unless she was on the phone talking to whoever. I fucked while  she talked to then current boyfriend to her mom. But the reason I wrote this weak story is to say that I am trying to fuck my grown twenty something granddaughter. Wish me luck.