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I went to college when I was 19. The first couple years were pretty uneventful. When I was a Junior I started fucking different guys at parties. I even fucked a guy with a nice cock, about 7 1/2 inches long and medium girth. I learned how to suck cock really well and loved the 69 position with my tits smashed against his belly while we pleasured each other. Then I started shaving my pussy. I was bare as a newborn and loved it. I had a pretty big clit and it didn't take a lot to make me cum if the guy knew how to really suck on my clit. Then came my Senior year.

The first month was more of the same. Parties every Friday night and a couple of times getting fucked by young men who really didn't know what the fuck they were doing. Then came the night of Devin. I was at a Frat party and this goofy young Freshman came up to me and asked if he could get me a beer. I said sure. He was one of those nerdy types, really brilliant but still had acne and a skinny body. I always went for the jock types so I could be seen on campus with a good looking guy. Anyway Devin brought me a beer and tried to converse with me. I brushed him off as I was a Senior and he just got here as a Freshman. A couple months later I was at another frat party and Devin brought me a beer without even asking me. He said I was the prettiest girl on campus. To be honest I was a little overweight with a slight belly but had big tits. I took the beer. It was about my seventh or eighth and I was buzzing a little. He handed me the beer and then said "I have the biggest cock on campus." I started to dismiss him but thought about it. When he said he had been looking at me he thought I had a very pretty smile and gorgeous eyes I was flattered. I got bold and said "if that's true let's go into a bedroom and find out." It was at that point that he was the young man with the acne before but his face seemed to clear up since then. I walked upstairs and went into one of the bedrooms. He was following me and when he walked in he closed the door and I heard the lock being locked.

I was a little worried but he said he would never hurt me. I told him that I needed to see his cock before I believed him. He shyly pulled his pants and undies down. I was amazed. His soft cock was at least seven inches long. I just said "Holy fuck. What a cock." He said that if I wanted he would love to have the honor of fucking me." Don't get me wrong, I love a nice cock and was instantly enthralled with him. He was brilliant but his cock was what I was interested in at that point. I got on my knees and told him to come feed me. By the time my mouth got him hard he was at least eight and a half inches long and very thick. I thought this might be the biggest cock I'd ever fuck. I took my mouth off and he asked if it was okay if he fucked me. He was very polite and I told him "Oh fuck yeah." I was looking forward to having that monster in my cunt. When I told him that he pushed me onto the bed and pulled my pants off. He started to lick my cunt and suck on my clit. I came just thinking about his cock. After about 20 minutes he asked again, "is it okay if I fuck you?" I couldn't wait and told him to hurry up and shove that cock inside me.

He knelt between my legs and pushed my legs up. He put his cock up to my cunt and shoved in. He said he really liked a shaved pussy. He said if I liked it and wanted to keep fucking him I needed to keep it shaved. He started to fuck me. He was massive. He stretched me out like never before. As he was fucking me his hand reached down and started to flick my clit. I just kept saying "Fuck me harder." His cock was truly massive and when he came he filled me up like never before. I still remember his first orgasm. After he came inside me I sucked him hard and told him to fuck me again. He did. He lasted nearly 30 minutes before he filled my cunt a second time. I loved his cock inside me. Although I was a Senior and he was a Freshman we fucked on the sly the entire year. I graduated and got a job as an accountant and we kept fucking for the next three years. We finally got married after he graduated. I even had to ask him to marry me.

We've been married for seven years now and have two kids. He's the most brilliant man I'd ever met and provides better than I could ever imagine. He's still a fucking geek but a couple of times a week I suck his massive cock or have him fuck me. He's totally okay with me taking the lead and pretty muck cums on demand. I'm three years his senior but fuck his cock makes it all worthwhile and I would suck or fuck him anytime he wants.