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I confess, I was attracted to my self when i was little.

It was 1989, I was in the third grade. I wasn't very bright. I'm black and I was a chubby curvy little boy.

I'll admit I love to eat and lay around like a fat pig. I use to jack off to my self in a mirror. My lips were big and juicy like tesha cambell from martin, my moons were huge they would bounce when ever I did...anything. My belly was big and soft and my butt was huge like girls.

One day I was laying on my mamma bed on my belly. I'm warring these short short so they began to ride but I'm like too dumb to notice. And my uncle comes in and sits on the bed with me. As he plops down and can feel.my big round bubble butt wobble around like a fat juicy jelly mold. Then I felt his big hard hand grab and jiggle my soft fat booty cheek as he tells me I'm getting fat. He makes my whole side love handle jiggle.

I turn on my back, legs wide apart. My body twist in a manner where I see him from upside down. I didnt care that he touched my fat butt, I liked it. I says, " did u bring me some candy unc'?" I say as I rub my big fat belly. Not realizing I'm looking sexy as hell to him.

Well he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a two big ass honey buns. They where bigger then his damn hand. My eyes lit up. He breaks a piece off and shoves it In my big mouth. I suck his fingers sucking all the frosting off. Again not realizing how sexy that was. I sit up on my knees, my belly exposed protruding out like I have a basketball in front of me. He's steadily shoving pieces in my pie hole and I am I bliss. I'm munching with my eyes rolling around looking like I was going to pass out.

He then began to rub my soft fat thighs, then my tiny erect cock. And that's when my tiny brain put it together that my uncle is attracted to me. But I liked it.

I came closer to him and straddled his lap like a lap dancer and let him pls with my curvy fat 12 year old body. I then sucked him off then he fucked my big fat 12 year old ass. I was 12 year old fat whore.