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Growing up we lived across the street from Jean and Karen. I didn't know it for a few years that they were lesbians. I never gave it a second thought until my dad mentioned it one day. I was about 14 at the time and started to notice how they were always together and talked about sleeping in the same bed but they never mentioned anything sexual. Then when I was 16 I noticed one day through their front window that they always walked around the house in their bras and panties. Being a horny 16 year old I tarted to make excuses to go over to their house. They had a built-in pool in the back yard and said that I could come over and swim anytime I wanted. Even on days when it wasn't the warmest I would put my swim trunks on and go over to the pool, hoping to get a glimpse of them in their underwear. They both had really big tits and I stared a lot.

One day I went over to take a swim when they weren't home. At some point they came home and walked out back with their swim suits on. Neither suit left much to the imagination and I nearly came in my suit when they took each other's tops off and started to make out. I said "Oh fuck" just loud enough for them to hear. They both chuckled a little and slowly moved over to me. After a few minutes they walked out of the pool topless and went inside. Fucking cock teases is what they were. I had to go home and jerk off that afternoon. I'm sure if they were looking they would have seen my erection through my shorts. For most of that summer from that point on they made a point of walking around topless. I think I knew every inch of their tits as much as I stared at them. One afternoon when Karen was gone Jean asked if I could help her with something. I got out of the pool and walked inside. She was topless and only had on her panties. I was pretty embarrassed but she ignored that. She walked into the kitchen as I stared at her ass. I was starting to get hard and had to really concentrate. I was right behind her by the sink and thought she had a plumbing problem but when she whirled around she just said "You've been looking long enough. It's time you got a taste." She held up a tit to my mouth. When I hesitated she said "go ahead and suck on it. Nobody will know." I leaned in and took her nipple in my mouth. What a fucking feeling that was. I nearly creamed right there. After a bit she said that was enough. I just stood there as she walked into the bathroom. Again I had to go home and jerk off.

About a week later Jean called and asked if I wanted to go fishing with them on Saturday. My mom said it was okay so I gathered all of my fishing gear and Saturday morning we headed out. We drove for about an hour and they pulled in to a secluded spot with a nice hundred foot beach. Nobody else was there. We were all set up to fish when Jean told me to go into the truck and get her cigarettes. I brought them back and she told me to light one for her. I had smoked one of my mom's cigarettes once so I sort of knew what to do. After I lit hers Karen said to light one for her also. They got a kick out of me lighting their smokes. When it got a bit warmer they both took their tops off, and a little bit after that they shed their bras. Then Karen said "Come over here and suck on my tits like you did Jean." I was shocked that she knew. "Oh fuck honey, it's the most natural thing a young man can do for a horny woman." I glanced at Jean and she just nodded. I knelt down and started to suck on Karen's nipple. She said "That feels so fucking good." She put a hand on my neck and was rubbing my neck. My cock was getting hard when I felt Jean reach around and unbutton my shirt. She started to play with my nipples and worked her way down to my belly. Karen was holding me against her tit when Jean unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my zipper down. "Have you fucked anybody yet?" Jean asked. I shook my head no.

Jean told me to stand up so she could take my pants off. Within a minute I was totally naked on the beach with these two women. I was standing there with a raging hard-on and didn't know what to do with it. Then Karen said "Don't worry honey, we'll take good care of you." Jean was pressed against my back with her warm tits and Karen leaned in and took my cock in her mouth. Then Jean said "Just relax and do what comes natural." The only natural thing I knew was to stroke myself until I came. It wasn't thirty seconds and I was cumming. Karen didn't seem to mind at all that I filled her mouth. She swallowed a lot of it and let some dribble out of her mouth. She kept sucking and started to get hard again. Then Jean started to massage my ass cheeks. I'd never had a feeling like this before. After I was hard they had me lay down on one of their blankets. Now Karen was kneeling between my legs sucking my cock. Karen took her panties off and squatted over my face. She had a pretty hairy bush as she slowly lowered herself down and put her cunt on my mouth. She was already wet and slippery and said to tongue fuck her. I did the best I could and pretty soon she was wiggling around on my face. I didn't even realize that Jean had stopped sucking me but when she lowered herself down onto my cock I sure felt that. This went on for about 10 minutes and Karen got off of my face and got on all fours. She said "My turn stud." Her ass was up in the air and Jean said it was time to fuck Karen. I knelt behind her and shoved my cock into her wet cunt. It was soft and slippery and fucking great. Jean was behind me and reached her hand under and cupped my nuts. She was helping me fuck her girlfriend. I finally came inside her and apologized. She said not to worry as neither of them could get pregnant.

We didn't get much fishing done and finally headed home about an hour later. Needless to say I fucked each one of them several times and they sucked me off a bunch of times, one time even shoving a finger up my ass as I was about to cum. That started my life into oral and anal sex that for the last 20 years I've enjoyed. Even after I graduated and moved away I've discovered that having a cock in my ass was just as good as fucking a woman. I especially like the older heavier men as they aren't afraid to do anything with a cock. I've sucked, fucked, been fucked and everything in between. Guys, until you've had your cock in an old gay man's mouth you don't know what you're missing.