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We'd been married about a year and one night were drinking pretty heavy and my wife asked if I had any kinky stuff I always wanted to try but never had. I was drunk and pliable and blurted out that I wondered what it would be like to get fucked. That seemed to turn her on and she started sucking my cock and shoved two fingers in my asshole. I loved it. When she asked if I liked it i said "Oh fuck yeah. I loved your fingers in my ass. Then she said that I should go to the gay bar and bring back someone who would fuck me. I was flabbergasted by her statement. So I said "So, if I brought back a gay man you would let him fuck me?" She said that she was looking forward to it. So I got dressed and drove to the gay bar downtown. Toward the end of the evening a man came up to me and asked if I liked pussy or cock? I said my wife wanted to see me get fucked and he agreed to fuck me.

We got back to my house about midnight and she was asleep. I woke her up and said that I had a man her who was willing to fuck me. and she woke up immediately. In her bathrobe she came out to the living room. The other man was a bit heavy and had his pants and undies off. He was standing there with his cock sticking out. It was pretty large and she said I should suck him hard first. That I had never done but when he stood in front of me i Was staring at his cock and when he put it up to my lips I opened my mouth and started to suck him. He had a bit of a hood so I rolled it back behind the head and within seconds he was getting hard. His cock was much larger than mine and I was a little worried by now. He didn't cum but pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked if she wanted to lube my asshole for him. She said she would like that and proceeded to shove a lubed finger in my ass. She finger fucked me for a couple of minutes then said it was his turn. He scooted up to me and pushed my legs up toward my chest. When I was exposed he put his cock up to my asshole and pushed in. It felt great. I'd never been fucked before but this was something new.. I looked at my new wife and she was sitting in a chair with three fingers in her pussy. She winked at me and said "Take it all honey." I let him fuck me until he emptied his seed inside me. We never got his name but since that night she has had me being home different men to fuck me nearly every Friday night. I've come to love being fucked and as long as she's happy, I'm happy.