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My husband doesn't like to share me, but that all changed when I told him he could watch.

Every now and then, I give my husband a front row seat so he can watch me suck off our Son.

Sometimes it can take a while. I'm sure if he weren't watching, my Son would cum quicker.

From start to finish, he quietly watches me blow him and he doesn't interrupt because he can't wait for him to cum in my mouth.

That's the biggest turn on for my husband; to see and hear him blow his load in me as I'm sucking our Son's balls dry.

When I finish him off, I hold our Son's cum in my mouth and he always asks me to show him so he can get a good long look before I swallow his load.

All of this helps get my hubby ready for the sex romps we have minutes later... its good for all of us this way and totally worth it.