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I'm a 50ish married man. I've never considered myself gay or bi-sexual. I'd never been with a man. My wife passed away a couple years ago from an auto accident so I've been searching for some form of sexual satisfaction. My current girlfriend is 10 years younger than me and wanted to take me to a goth club she said was awesome. We'd only been together a couple of months and I wanted to impress her so I agreed to take her to the club. When we got there the place was packed. The music was loud enough i could feel it in my balls. It got me excited just to be there. By about 10:30 she was so wasted that she was falling asleep in the booth we were in. I decided to mill around a little and walked up to the bar. I felt a hand on my breast and when I looked back it was a tall skinny dude. When I asked what he was doing he said I had the perfect body for fucking. I didn't think that was too cool. Then another guy was standing on my other side and said they should take me to the fuck room. I was pretty wasted and didn't even protest when the first guy, Dave, grabbed my wrist and said to follow him.

We walked to the back hallway of the bar and he led me into a room near the back. There was a recliner and a small bed in the room. Dave said he wanted to suck me and began to undress me. I sat on the bed when he had my pants and undies down around my ankles. He pushed me back and started to suck my cock. This was the first male blowjob I ever had but he was good. Even better than Eve my girlfriend. He had me hard in two minutes. I looked past him and saw that Mitch was naked and standing behind Dave. Mitch was stroking his cock and it looked massive compared to mine. While I was getting my cock sucked Mitch crawled on the bed and straddled my chest. He stuck his cock up to my lips and said to suck him. I was reeling from the booze and opened my mouth. He started to mouth fuck me and I thought it was the greatest thing I ever had in my mouth. I knew my own 5 inches was getting hard and Dave was basically deep throating me. I felt Dave's hands move up and start to twist my nipples. It wasn't 30 seconds and I was cumming. Dave swallowed every fucking drop but he kept sucking until I was totally drained.

Mitch didn't cum but after I filled Dave's mouth he said that he thought I was ready. Mitch pulled out of my mouth. Dave pulled my pants and undies off and I felt Mitch between my legs, pushing my legs up. Dave was now on the bed behind my head. He tilted my head back and asked if I liked my large nipples played with. In my drunken stupor I told him I did. He shoved his cock in my mouth and started to tweak my nips. I kept telling him to pull them harder and he did. At the same time I felt a wet finger in my ass. Mitch was finger fucking me. I wasn't too sure about that but was really in no condition to protest. Then I felt a second finger in me stretching my asshole out but the shocker was when he pulled his fingers out and shoved his big cock in my ass. It hurt for a few seconds but as he started to fuck me it started to feel really good. Sucking a cock and being fucked turned me on. I actually came again without anybody even touching my cock

About that time Dave started to cum. I had no intention of ever sucking a dude, let alone swallow a load. That night changed everything. When Dave started cumming I swallowed it all, and a minute later with Dave's cock still in my mouth Mitch pushed one last time, let out a groan and filled my ass with his cum. Then both said I was the best fuck they ever had and when I finally got dressed and walked out to my girlfriend I had to help her on her feet and out to my car. After we got home she seemed to sober up rather fast. She told me to get undressed and when I did she had me get on all fours on the bed and proceeded to suck all the remaining cum out of my ass. Then she turned me over and sucked me. I had never cum three times in one night but when she shoved two fingers in my ass I came a third time. Then she showed me the video Mitch had taken and texted to her. She said it was the most exciting fucking thing she'd ever seen. She said it was okay if I liked to be fucked but she really wanted to see it in real life, not on a video.

We've been swingers ever since that night and she can have all the cock and pussy she wants as long as I can too. Too fucking bad my wife never felt the same way. I wasted 25 years with a straight bitch before I met this vixen.