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I/m a recently divorce man. I was lonely and horny so I went to the bar that Friday night and a guy asked if he could sit in my booth with me. I was getting drunk and we started about talking about women and eventually we got around to sex. He asked what the most humiliating sexual experience I ever had. I was drunk and thought "What the fuck" and opened up a little. Here's my story:

It was my first year in college. I'm pretty short and don't have a big cock. In Science class there was a junior and she was gorgeous. It seemed every time I glanced over to her she opened her legs and I could see her bare pussy under her skirt. One day she came up to me after class and said she thought I was cute and asked me to a party that Friday night. I'd heard that college parties were pretty wild, and I was a virgin but told her I'd love to go with her. She told me to meet her there at 9:00 that Friday night. I was a loner and didn't really have any friends so I arrived alone. I was given a glass of beer and then another. I had drank about five beers when I spotted her. Her name was heather. I walked up to her and she hugged me. When she stepped back I could see her nipples poke out through her t-shirt. I couldn't help but look. She said to mingle and she had something to do. A few minutes later I saw her making out with another girl. Then all of a sudden she saw me and came over to me. She then asked me if I wanted to go to a "Goose" party. I didn't want to sound stupid so I said I was looking forward to it. She led me upstairs to an empty room and took her top off. She asked if I wanted to lick her pussy. She took her shorts off and was completely naked. Her pussy was shaved and she laid on the bed. Just when I was bending over her the door opened and five other girls came in. Then all stripped and my four inch cock started to get hard. They stripped me and saw my tiny dick and started pointing and laughing. I felt humiliated.

I grabbed my clothes and didn't think I had time to even get dressed so I started to head to the door. About the time I got to the door a big guy came through the door. He pushed me back and asked if I was the goose. They all told him I was and Heather said I was the goose and the life of the party. Nobody seemed to be laughing when I looked around so I thought I was safe. He kept pushing until he pushed me back onto the bed. One of the other girls straddled my chest with her pussy right on my mouth. She was obviously wasted and said to eat her. I had never done anything like this but was really excited. My dick was hard and while I licked her pussy I felt my pants being pulled off and someone was now sucking my cock. I thought I was about to cum when I felt my legs being lifted up. Then something was being pushed in my ass. It hurt a bit at first but I couldn't push her off of my face. After a minute or so the pain turned to pleasure and I was getting into it. I don't remember much else but saw the video afterwards. The guy at the door was fucking me and Heather told me she was now my bitch pimp.

I didn't know what a bitch pimp was but the first time a guy paid to fuck me I found out. I liked it so much that I became the campus fuck. All the closet gay guys paid me to fuck me and I earned a lot of money, not only that first year but for the next three years as well. I now own my own garment design company but still love to have the biggest cocks I can find in my ass. Heather made a lot of money off of me too. I loved to be fucked and she loved profited off of me.

She is now in prison for solicitation and I own my own company. I have a great sex life and make tons of money while she's being gang raped by other butch prisoners. Well I guess that's life. Fuck her anyway...