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I joined the Army right out of High School. My boyfriend didn't like that idea so he broke up with me. As a woman in the Army I realized that I could get just about anything I wanted for a few sexual favors. Then I met Trevor. He was a tall man with muscles upon muscles. He asked me to the club one night so I agreed to go with him. There was a Hypnotist there and Trevor volunteered with a lot of other guys. It was a blast. He was convinced he had a three foot cock. Even after the show when he came back to our booth whenever the word Saturday was spoken he would get hard. I asked him whet he was doing Saturday and he tried to cover his erection. I put my hand on his thigh and said we should get together on Saturday. I really had him going and when the bar closed down I offered to drive him home since he was much drunker than me.

He had a roommate and when we got to his room his roommate was in bed. I thought this could be fun but when we got in his room he locked the door and said I should help him get undressed. About that time his roommate seemed to wake up and as Trevor hugged me I felt my hands being pulled behind me. Trevor asked if I'd ever been mouth fucked. When I told him no he said I was in for a treat. My hands were being tied behind me with what felt like duct tape and Trevor gently unbuttoned my blouse and unclipped my bra from the front. I may not have felt as drunk as he looked but I was pretty drunk. He laid me on the bed and they both got undressed. His roommate's name was Mike and Mike started to massage my feet as Trevor stripped. He straddled my chest and I was looking at an eight inch cock. It was almost hard and he put it up to my lips. I had sucked a couple of guys before but had never swallowed. Then Trevor started to mouth fuck me. His cock seemed massive as he pushed it to the back of my throat. I thought I would gag but I didn't. Then he pushed in a little deeper and soon my mouth was hitting his pubic hair. I didn't realize I could deep throat a cock but when he pushed past my uvula I realized that this might be my ticket. I let him mouth fuck me and before I knew it Mike had my legs apart and was licking my pussy. He was sucking on my clit and I was ready to cum. I couldn't speak with this cock down my throat and when I came I actually squirted into his mouth. That was a first. Then he pushed my legs up a little and I felt his cock being pushed into me. He fucked me for about five minutes while I sucked Trevor. I felt him cumming inside me, but before he finished he told Mike that I was ready. They quickly traded places and I now had a cum covered cock in my mouth. His last spurt entered my mouth, and about that time Trevor's massive cock was being shoved into my cunt. I came almost immediately. I kept sucking Mike's six inch cock until he got hard again. I sucked his cock all the way int my mouth and was able to easily take him all the way in. In the meantime Trevor was fucking me and filling me up like never before. His huge cock was heaven in my cunt and I was moaning and in a constant state of orgasm for the next 15 minutes.

I lost count of how many orgasms I had and with my arms tied behind me it gave me a real sense of submission. I sucked Mike until he got hard and after Trevor filled my cunt with his load he said it was time to switch again. They switched and I was now sucking Trevor again and felt Mike rubbing his slippery finger into my asshole. I really didn't want that but I was sort of incapacitated. Trevor was mouth fucking me with his big floppy cock and Mike was now shoving his cock into my ass. It hurt really bad and I tried to get away but couldn't. I suppose this was considered anal rape but after a few minutes the pain wasn't bad so I concentrated on Mike's cock in my mouth. I finally made him cum and took the little bit he gave me. Then Trevor took his cock back out of my ass and shoved it back into my cunt. What a fucking rush. Hands tied, being mouth fucked and swallowing multiple loads and now having Trevor fuck me again was more than I could handle. I started moaning, then got quite loud as Trevor gave me more orgasms. I think I passed out for a few minutes when I felt him hit deep inside me and said he was cumming. I told him to give it to me. He unloaded a bucketful of cum inside me. I came one last time and did pass out. When I woke up it was morning. I was in Trevor's bed with him spooning me. Dried cum was all over the back of my legs and ass. I managed to wiggle out of the bed and got dressed. I got out before they woke up but about five that afternoon I knocked on his door. He invited me in and we played the whole scene over again, but this time sober. Man, what a fucking weekend that was. We fucked a lot over the next two years and moved on with our lives but I'll never forget that big cock and how he made me feel.