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So when I was 28 I got a girlfriend who was a little crazy in bed. The first few times we fucked it was pretty normal. Then she said she wanted to get a little kinky. When I asked what she had in mind she said she liked a little bondage. No pain, just some ropes and such. Then one night as we were fucking and my arms were tied to the headboard and my ankles were pulled up and tied up to my thighs. Before I could cum she hopped off of me and turned around. She started sucking my cock and just before I came she shoved a finger up my ass. Her finger found my prostate and I exploded like never before. Even after I came she continued to finger fuck me. That was a pretty exciting night, but after we were done she said she needed something more. She said she really liked sucking my five inch cock but it didn't really satisfy her and she needed a big cock. Then she made me a deal. If I would buy her a large dildo she would stay with me. So I bought her one.

Her new cock was over eight inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. The first time I fucked her with it she nearly fainted. For the next few weeks she would suck my cock as I fucked her with that big cock. She came like never before. I actually preferred her to suck me instead of me fucking her because she was very good and would swallow every fucking drop. Then one night after after she tied me up like before I made her cum and she was sucking me and finger fucking me she took the cock out of her cunt. I thought she was done but got a big shock when she started to rub it around my asshole. I was a little worried and the pain shot through me when she shoved it up my ass a couple of inches. She was actually very gentle as she fucked me and sucked me at the same time. After a bit it started to feel pretty good. Then she got off of me but left the cock in my ass. She came back and put a blindfold on me saying she had a special surprise. Even with that big cock in my ass I was pretty excited but got another shock when I felt the nipple clamps. I often like to play with my nipples and she clamped them on just tight enough to cause pain but not too painful. I was concentrating on my nipples when she shoved that cock all the way in. I fucking lost it and started cumming. She wasn't even touching my cock and I actually hit my chin with cum.

That started a whole new era of sex for me. I loved that cock in my ass and eventually she got tired of me and moved on. I, on the other hand bought an even bigger cock and started to self fuck with it. That was until I discovered how good a real cock felt in my ass. Now I search for the biggest, thickest cock I can find. I guess I can say she turned me gay. I don't even think about dating women any more but getting fucked in the ass by a bull is the thing I long for nearly every night. What a fucking turn of events, eh?