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Shortly before we were married I told my Fiancee that I had a proclivity for cock as well as pussy. I love pussy but occasionally like a nice cock. She said she accepted me the way I was. I'm about 5'6" tall and my cock is only about 5" when hard. She said it was perfect because she could get it completely in her mouth. She sucked my cocked several times and we had fucked a couple times by the time we were married. Then on our wedding night she confessed she really liked watching two men fuck. I said that I'd never been fucked but if she was into that I might be able to accomodate her. That night she sucked me but before I could fuck her she asked if I was serious about being fucked in front of her. When I told her she said if I was willing to be blindfolded she could make it happen. I thought about it but after after I had cum and she took it all I said I was willing. She put her sleeping make on me to where I couldn't see a fucking thing.

She had me just relax on the bed and about 15 minutes later she came back in and said her and my dreams are about to come true. I felt someone crawl on the bed and my cock was being put into a mouth. A few minutes later I felt a pressure on my chest and a cock being pushed against my lips. I couldn't see who it was but opened my mouth and took his cock in. I sucked him for a bit and his big cock quickly got hard. It felt huge in my mouth and he kept saying to suck him harder. He was soon hard as a fucking flag pole. He scooted down between my legs and I felt his tongue on my asshole. He tongue fucked me for a bit then I felt him shift his body until his cock was at my asshole. Ho gently pushed in and as I relaxed he started to fuck me. I could hear my wife off to my side telling him to fuck me harder. The I felt her pussy on my mouth. She crawled on the bed and had straddled me. I was eating her cunt while being fucked at the same time. She said this was the most exciting fucking thing she had ever seen. My cock was hard, my ass we being pounded and I was eating pussy at the same time. It wasn't long and her hand on my cock was making me cum again. He was pounding my ass and his cock was rubbing my prostate with each thrust.

He finally came in my ass while she was cumming in my mouth. By the time she took my mask off he was gone. It was two months before I found out that it was my best man that fucked me. I never knew he was bi-sexual but until then but when she told me I said we should re-live our wedding night. She said she loved seeing me being fucked by a real cock. We made arrangements and one Friday night he arrived at the front door. I was about half drunk by that time and she said she had been fucking his big cock for he last year. I thought about it and told her that she could fuck him if she stayed my wife. She agreed. That night he sucked my cock, I sucked his cock and he fucked my wife while I watched.

Since that night se have decided to get into the swinging scene. I suck as much cock as I want and she gets to fuck as many big cocks as she wants. Once we decided not to be jealous of each other we've had a wonderful marriage. If we see sex as merely as a pleasurable experience we will stay together as long as we live. I currently love my life and love my wife and will continue to let her have as much big cock as she wants as long as she comes back to me at the end of the day.