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When I got to high school I noticed that I had the shortest cock in my gym class. My cousin Bob was always bragging about his big cock and how many mouths have been in it. He was three years older than me and when I got out of high school and got a job I would spend most Friday nights at Bob's apartment drinking and chilling. One night he said that he could walk into a gay bar and get just about anybody to suck his cock. I told him he was full of shit. He said he could prove it to me. I was getting pretty drunk when he got up and said he would prove it to me right now. We got into his car and he drove about a half hour over to the big city and parked hear a bar. There were a bunch of guys outside the front door. He said to pick one and he would show me. There was a fat guy in the crowd. I told him to pick that one.

We stumbled over to where they were and he pointed to the fat guy and pulled him aside. I listened in and he said "Hey bud. Ever sucked on a nine inch cock?" The guy said no. Bob told him that here was his chance and grabbed the guy's hand and led him to the car. Bob told him to get in. For some reason Bob hopped in the passenger seat and Bob got behind the wheel. Bob undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I was in the back seat looking over his shoulder. I saw the biggest fucking cock I could imagine. The fat guy's eyes just about popped out. Bob said that he could tell the guy, whose name was Denny had trouble picking up men but if he wanted to play he would sit right there and let Bob drive him to the apartment. The guy thought about it for a minute and then said "Let's go." I couldn't believe it. He picked this guy up and we hadn't even had to go inside.

We got back to the apartment and Bob got us all a couple of beers. After he had finished his beer Bob stood up and stripped. His cock was at half-mast and told the guy to suck him. The guy got on his knees and started to suck Bob's cock. That was the first time I had ever seen a dude sucking cock. Bob looked over at me and saw me rubbing my crotch and told me to strip and join the fun. I was pretty horny so I thought "What the fuck," I might as well. I stripped and Denny stood up and stripped as well. My five inch cock was getting pretty hard just looking at it. Then Denny said he wanted to taste me. He stripped as well. He was pretty well hung and said that his cock was the only thing that attracted others. He got down and started sucking me. Bob was stroking himself to keep hard. Denny somehow got me on the floor and knelt over me in a 69 position. I never thought about it before but his cock pointing at my mouth was too much and I opened up and took his cock between my lips. I was loving it, having his cock slowly piston in and out of my mouth. Then I felt my legs being lifted and Bob was licking my asshole. This felt even better but took me over the edge when he pushed two fingers into my asshole. He hit my prostate and I started cumming. I didn't even have a chance to warn him but Denny swallowed every drop. Denny kept sucking me even after I was spent and after a couple of minutes I started to get hard again. Then Bob took his fingers out and I felt him pushing his big cock into me. Pain shot through me for a minute but when he started to fuck me I started sucking harder. I first tasted Denny's pre-cum and liked it. His cock was about seven inches and pretty thick. My cock twitched every time Bob thrust forward. Then Denny mumbled that he was cumming. I let him fill my mouth and swallowed as much as I could. I was lost in my own world and Bob kept fucking me. In minutes I was cumming again. In the next 15 minutes Bob filled my ass and Denny filled my mouth again.

We finally all got up and drank a couple more beers. Then Bob looked at Denny and said "See. I told you he would suck your cock." They had set me up. I called them both a lot of names and finally calmed down. I ended up sucking Bob's cock before we all went to bed. I have been at Bob's apartment nearly every weekend and occasionally stayed all weekend. I'm now a full-fledged cock slut and now get as much cock as I can handle.