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I was a child model when I was younger. Nothing major, just pics for the family; a few were used in local adds and in the paper. When I was younger I would sometimes stay at my older cousin's house when my parents went out or had to work late shifts. He was 4 years older than me and I thought he was the coolest guy ever. One time, when I was 9 years old he told me how pretty I was. I blushed and got all embarrassed. Then he asked if he could see me naked. I was a little scared, but also curious and excited by it, so I said yes. I undressed and he told me to model for him. I did happily. After about 10 mins of him staring at me he asked if I wanted to see him naked. He undressed and I was fascinated by his naked body. He was/is a rather attractive guy. We looked at each other's naked bodies in his basement (our play area) for about a half an hour then got dress. Later that night we had blankets and pillows set up in the living room so we could "camp out" together. My aunt and her boyfriend slept upstairs with the door shut so we could usually watch movies and play games without being disturbed. About halfway through the Lion King he asked if he could see me naked again. I smiled and eagerly undressed, and this time he did too. We laid there looking at each other until I got it in my head I wanted to touch his cock. When I asked him he jumped up and stood in front of me. I grabbed him, touched him, and noticed how hard he got. He said it felt amazing and asked if he could kiss my pussy. Nervously, I said ok and paid back down as he began to lick and kiss my tiny little pussy. It sent shivers all over my body. I LOVED IT. After about an hour we got dressed and went to sleep, but I couldn't stop thinking about how good it made me feel. This went on for months and months. Each time a little more exploring took place. Me sucking his cock, him licking me, putting part of a finger in me. Eventually he would lay on his back while I rubbed my little pussy across his hard cock. We LOVED doing that and both had our first orgasms. When I was 10 I had stayed a whole weekend. While rubbing my pussy on him the head of his cock slipped into me. We both froze, scared but overly excited. Slowly he worked his cock deeper into me. I was amazing. He didn't get too far into me until I could feel his dick pulsing, cumming in my little pussy. After that we couldn't get enough!! Everytime I stayed we would fuck, trying new ways he would suggest. Towards the end I would be humping back at him, cumming just as hard, eager to feel him throbbing in me. This went on until I was 11 and he moved to Florida. It definitely had an impact on my sexuality. It's led to even more adventures with others.... Even a nephew!