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I always craving to fuck my aunt. She has a nice body despite her age. And she's a busty too. One day i heard she was divorced with her husband. And since then i usually stays at her house when my parents were not at home.

One day my parents went out of town for a month. Got a lot work to do they said. So yeah i was staying in my aunt's house. She's a teacher at some junior high school. A rare one since my family is muslim, including her. So she would take me to school with her car, while after that she went to teach in her place. I always staring at her busty breast. Despite wearing a muslim dress code, it still look big, since muslim dress code for female is not thight to female body.

I stalked my aunt when she was taking bath. I put my phone on the ceiling and filming her taking a bath. I saw her naked body, it's so beautiful. Despite her age, she still had a slim body. Like a teenage. I almost fap while watching the vid.

One night i was bored and decide to fap by looking at the vid again. I sat on the chair in my room, and fap slowly enjoying myslef. I got too carried away that i didn't notice my aunt was watching at me. I forgot to lock the door. So i was froze there. I dont know what to say. After that she took my phone and looking at her own vid. She put the phone away and ask me a lot of things. Like interrogate me. I can see that she was angry about it. And i didn't get to put my pants on. And she angry at me while my dick were still out. Erecting in front of her. She's so angry until she asked me "if i give you what ypu want, would you delete that vid?" and i answer vaguely "yes, of course."

After that she went out of my room and seemingly locking the front door. She turned the light off in the main room. And she returned to my room. She close the door, and got on her knees in fornt of me. I was still shocked and dont know what to do. She grab my dick and started to give it a nice handjob. Then she started to blow my dick. She's doing it very nice. And she didn't mind to deepthorat me. Since my dick is quite big. She still blow my dick and lick my ball for the next 5 minutes. After that she stand and then sat on my bed. She pulled up her long skirt and told me to lick her pussy. So i did. Her moan sound so hot. Her bald pussy was still red. Like a fresh one. After that i asked her to fuck her and she replied yes. Then i put my dick in her. And its so thight. I guess its because she's not having sex for quite a while. I pound her pussy and aawe fuck for nest 5 minutes. Its so hot that she still wear her hijab, and then i told her to turn around to doggy style. And we fucked again. She kept moaning while commenting that my cock is big. Bigger than her ex husband. While i fucked her from the back, i put my cock through her ass. She screamed so loud and try to resist but despite that still let me to fuck her ass. She moan so loud that even it turn to scream sometime. Then i quickly cum in her ass. We laid down for a while, and then she ask that can i cum again? I said yes. She told me to wash my dick and come back again. I did. After i wash it, she was unclothing her cloth. And told me to cum in her. She laid on my bed. And we started to fuck again. After quite a fuck, u cun inside her. And we actually cummed together. I ask her what if she got pregnant, she replied that she already taken a pill before we fuck. Then we sleep on my bed together.

We woke up in the morning and do our normal activities again. We go to school together. After that night when i ask her to have another intercourse with me again, she would said no. Telling me that there wont be the second times. Despite it, she still gave me blowjob at car when she has to oick me up from school. And she would drove to and empty building or some quiet place and we woukd fuck again. Sometimes i could fuck her pussy if she had taken a pill saying that sex in the pussy without cumming in it is not fun at all. If she forget that i could only fuck her ass. We kept on doing that until she got married again. Since then we never fuck again. And i still craving to fuck her. And i didn't delete the vid. And i still kept it in dropbox and delete the one in my phone as she checked it so she believe me.