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I've discovered that something my wife would never do but most gay men will do is swallow my cum. My wife gave me many blowjobs but I always ended up cumming on my belly or on a towel. The first time a guy sucked my cock he made me cum twice before he even took his lips off of my cock. What a fucking feeling it was, to have someone suck my cock and actually let me cum in his mouth. I learned right then and there that the secret to a good blowjob was to cum in your partner's mouth. I told my wife to swallow and she refused. Then I tole her my friend Art would suck me and let me cum as many times as I could in his mouth and he wouldn't even take his mouth off of my cock until I said to.

Still she refused to take my cum so I said I was going to go get a proper blowjob. I don't think she believed me until I came home with video proof. I went to a gay bar and asked a fat guy if he would suck my cock. He said yes and I took a video of the whole thing. I went home and showed Debbie, my wife. She thought that was too fucking weird until I had her suck me one night but I didn't warn her. Instead I held her head while I came i her mouth. She choked and sputtered a little but after the third time I made her suck me she started to accept the fact that I needed her to suck me until I came twice.

Now she's the biggest cock whore I have ever seen. We go out and she will pick a guy so suck. We take him home and I watch and even video her sucking some stranger's cock. I don't even know their names but I get off just watching her suck him until he cums in her mouth. She likes to rat them by the way they taste but still insists that my cum tastes best. She sucks my cock about two to three times a week and we are happier than we've ever been. It's been 15 years since I forced her to take my cum and she is the biggest cocksucker I could ever imaging. But that's okay because she sucks me so often my nuts can barely get full before she is on me again. We rarely fuck anymore but that's okay because I get to cum more than I ever thought. What a fucking slut I married.