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From the time my step sister and I were about four, we used to fool around with each other. It started when I showed her how to properly get off by humping pillows. As the years went by we'd sneak off to be by ourselves whenever we were together. We'd hump anything we could. We started kissing. Only pecks away first and then making out. Once pillows lost their novelty around age 7, we started dry humping our little pussies until we came. Age 9 we started rubbing each other over our clothes, which eventually lead to eating each other's cunts over clothes. That really didn't get us off, but we still really enjoyed it because we knew it was naughty. Age 10 we found our parents porn collection. The first time we watched was the first time she touched my hot wet pussy directly. My tits had started to puff up, with her free hand she pushed my shirt up and sucked my little nipples. Of course I returned the favor.

We got bolder and started to pretend we were putting on private shows for men or filming a porn. One night while we were backyard camping in our tent we started playing the porn game. This was the first time we had been fully naked with each other. She laid on her back and spread her legs as much as she could causing her little pink slit to slightly part. Being the first time of actually looking at each other's cunts, I learned in, running my hands up her legs slowly until I reached the soft hairless lips and spread them. I looked at it in raw lust and kissed her clit. The gasp she made still makes me wet too this day. I kissed up her body. Once I got to her flat titties I began to suck and bite her nipples, causing them to harden and swell and I rubbed her pussy softly. She said that she had an idea as she sat up. I sat in front of her and she roughly pushed my legs apart. She put her left leg over my right and her right under my left. Slowly inching forward she told me that men really love to watch girls rub their bare pussies together and we should give them their money's worth. Before I got a chance to think hers was against mine. It felt weird at first but as we continued to grind and finding our rhythm it started to feel really good. Our pussies got wet, getting rid of the dry friction that made it weird only minutes before. I think we only lasted about five minutes before we came. Our juices mixing and running down our thighs. We laid back down and still played with our wetness. A few weeks later we were playing our special games and she introduced me to another form of pleasure. She had me close my eyes and began running her finger along my slit, gently poking my clit each time she reached the top. Out of nowhere she began rubbing my pussy hole before slipping her finger in to the first knuckle. I jumped out of shock but began to relax and she put it in deeper. It hurt and I asked her to stop. But she refused "how are we supposed to make our men hard. Don't you want to make them hard?" I nodded nervously and it started. Her finger sliding in and out. She moved on to her stomach, her face so close to my pussy that I could feel her breath. My body began to grow fond of the feeling of being finger fucked. "Cum for me sis. Be a good big sister and give those men what they want." I started to grind my pussy against her hand as the pleasure continued to build. "Yes! Just like that sis, fuck my finger. Pretend it's a big hard cock. Fuck it." She spotted my swollen clit..... she kissed it how I did hers a few weeks before. I let out a hungry moan and she lost it. Next thing I know she's touching my asshole. But not with her hands, they were busy spreading my pussy and cheeks. It was her tongue. It was moving in circles, our first rimjob. She tried wiggling the tip in but it was too tight. So instead she spat on it and pushed a finger in. Her mouth found its way back to my pussy. At first she just sucked my little clit as she fingered my ass, but then her tongue found my pussy hole again and slid it with no problem. It was the best feeling in the world. After a few minutes she taught me how to 69.

Needless to say this is what happened everytime we were together until 16 and found her moms vibrator, using that instead of fingers.

That all ended 12 years ago but I still think about it all the time and still masturbate to the memories. I miss it so much.