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Iam 17, my sister is 11, our mother is 38 and our dad left the day mom told him she was pregnant with my sister. We have a nice home and we each have our own room, someone is getting into the stuff I have in my room. I don't have anything worth a shit but it is all mine. I deliver papers before school and box groceries after and earn my own spending money. I was tired of finding my bed messed up and my junk moved so I bought several spy cameras and set them up one day when I was home alone, I put one in mom's bedroom so I could see her naked, one in her bathroom so I could watch her piss and shit and shower. I put two in my sisters room not expecting to see much and three in my room to catch the person, betting on my sis, who is fucking with my stuff.

I waited several days and let the cameras work then I went to bed early one night and turned on my computer to watch the films from the cameras. First I checked mom's bathroom and saw her naked for the very first time, she is slightly overweight but has an awesome body and a very hairy cunt. Yes, I jacked off to my mother and I'm not ashamed Then I checked my sisters room and saw her naked but that was nothing special we had bathed together a few years back. Then it happened, two days ago sis had been alone for two hours in the house and there she was with the neighbors dog in her room, she was naked and laying on the bed with her little bald cunt on the very edge and the dog was licking her cunt like it was a steak. I whipped my cock out of my pants and started to jack off to my little sister getting licked by a dog, she let him lick her for several minutes and then she got down on her hands and knees and patted her sweet, smooth ass until the dog mounted her and started trying to get his cock into one of her holes. She reached between her legs and guided his cock into her little cunt hole, I could not believe the size of his cock as it went into her but she must have screamed, no sound on the cameras, as her mouth was wide open and the dog was fully into her and pounding on her cunt like she was some sort of old crack whore. I came and shot my cum all over my desk and swore I would be inside of my sister soon.

I waited until I knew mom and I would both be gone and then called in sick for my grocery job and went home and into my room and waited for my sister to make it home, she came home alright with the dog in tow and headed right for her bedroom and stripped out of her clothes and was on the bed letting the dog eat her cunt within five minutes.I waited until she was on her knees and then I walked into her room naked and The dog had his cock buried in my little sister then I stepped in front of her knelt down and told her she would be sucking and fucking me from then on, she didn't say a thing but opened her mouth and took my cock to the balls and I face fucked her till I came and then I told her to get rid of the dog and I fucked her dog cum filled cunt until I came again. We have been fucking and sucking without the dog for several years now and I want to keep her with me as she grows