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I didn't know what a piece of shit my husband was until after we were married. He was sweet and always had my needs in mind. At least that's what I thought. My mom said to avoid him but what did she know? He is a big man, having wrestled in the heavyweight division in college and we met at a party. We only fucked a few times and it was always to please me. He has a big cock and I really liked that. He never did anything to make me feel uncomfortable. Then we had the wedding.

He got drunk at the reception. I had a couple glasses of wine but I felt okay. We went to our motel on our wedding night and as soon as we settled in a little and showered it was time for our honeymoon fuck. I laid on the bed and he mounted me in a 69. I had never sucked a cock and really didn't want to. He kept shoving it in my mouth and said he expected me to pleasure him. I was a little scared so I opened my mouth and took him in. I hated it. My mom made it a point to raise me that missionary fucking was the only acceptable position so when he shoved that cock in my mouth I was a little repulsed. But since it was our wedding night and he was a little drunk and bossy I played along. He was licking my pussy and getting me pretty turned on when I felt a finger enter my asshole. I shrieked and begged him to pull it out. He said to shut up and keep sucking because I was his bitch now and would do what he said. I was really scared now but when he started to cum in my mouth I started to gag and try to wiggle out. He finally got off of me after he started to get soft. He didn't apologize but said that I was a good little cunt and he was the only man who could love a cold fucking fish like me. I was humiliated. He wasn't done though. He laid down and ordered me to suck him again. I was crying and begging to tell me why he was like this. He said to shut the fuck up and start sucking. I was scared not to so I bent over and took his cock back into my mouth. I still had the nasty taste of his cum in my mouth. He got hard pretty fast and said to get on all fours on the carpet.

I rolled off of him and crawled off the bed. I was openly crying and begging him to just go to sleep. He wasn't gently when he shoved his big cock inside me. After a couple of minutes it finally got pleasurable. I thought maybe this was a one time thing with him ordering me around, after all he had been very gentle while we were dating. I put my head to the floor and started to enjoy it. Then I felt his finger back on my asshole. He circled it a few times and then shoved it in. I yelled. He slapped my ass hard and said to shut up or it would really hurt. I got scared again. After another minute of him fucking me he pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt it at my asshole. I begged him not to but he wasn't listening. He slowly worked his cock in and I was in tears the whole time. It hurt worse than I could have imagined. He was finally in all the way and I was begging him to stop. Then he pushed me onto my belly. The whole time he kept his cock in my ass. Then I felt him start to fuck me like that. The pain never went away as he fucked me for about 10 minutes. Then he announced he was going to cum in my ass. I didn't say anything. I just laid there crying. Finally I could feel him cumming. He kept his cock inside my ass until he started to get soft before he pulled it out.

He said I could get up and go to bed now. He was done with me for the night. Again I figured it was because he was drunk and a one time thing. He laid on the bed until I had come out of the bathroom and made me clean him up with a towel. Then he had me hand him his phone. He punched in a number and I heard his side of the conversation. "Hey buddy, you owe me a hundred." There was a pause and he said "Fuck yes. She swallowed it all." Another pause. "Oh yeah, her asshole was tighter than Debbie's. She screamed the whole fucking time, but in the end she took it like a real fucking whore." I couldn't believe what just happened.

Over the next couple of months he made me suck him, get fucked in the ass and he even bound me a few times and abused me. I finally left him before our first anniversary. That was three years ago and I'm involved with a wonderful man, but oddly enough he's just not exciting enough for me. He never puts anything in my ass and even frowns on me sucking his cock. I find it harder and harder to have an orgasm unless I have something in both holes. At least my first husband had a dick big enough to satisfy me. I don't know how much longer I can go without a man-sized cock to abuse me. Fuck.