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I married my second wife at 36. My first wife had dies in a horrific car accident and it took me a couple years before I could date again. I never told my first wife about the time I sucked my college roommate's cock,. I met number two at a gay bar. She and her then girlfriend bought me a drink and asked if I wanted to have a threesome. We spent the weekend fucking and having a good time. I'm just a small skinny man with an average cock so I was surprised when she complimented me on it. We were pretty drunk that night and I confessed that I liked to suck cock but had never been fucked. She broke up with her girlfriend and called me one night. We went out a couple of times and ended up fucking a few times. Then one night when I was drunk and about to fuck her she asked if I wanted to get fucked by a big cock. I laughingly told her that I would. She got up and grabbed her phone.

About a half hour later she got up again to answer the door. She brought back this linebacker looking guy and said this was my chance to experience a real cock. He stripped and stood at the end of the bed. His cock was already getting hard when she told me to lay on my back and take him in my mouth. It had been years since I had sucked a cock but I suddenly wanted it. I laid on my back and he pulled me to the end of the bed. He put his half-hard cock up to my lips and she told me to take it all. He shoved his cock in my mouth and I proceeded to suck him like I'd been doing it all my life. I was loving it. Then she sat on the bed and started to stroke my cock. At the same time she pushed a finger into my ass. My first wife never did anything like this. Soon it was tow, then three fingers finger fucking me. I had the guy I was sucking hard as a fucking pole and he said it was time. They turned me around so my ass was at the end of the bed and he lifted my legs. I was a little apprehensive but let him shove his cock in my ass. It hurt a little at first but was short-lived. I started to get into it and as he fucked me she started to suck me. I came within two minutes and she took it all. About five minutes later he said he was going to cum and she told him to fill me up. He did. I had so much cum in my ass that when he pulled out his cum nearly squirted out. He wiped his cock off with my shirt and mounted my chest.

He shove his cock back into my mouth and for the next 20 minutes gave me a mouth fucking I'll never forget. His cock was much larger than mine and when he was ready to cum she grabbed his cock and held it in my mouth. I took all that he had to give me. and kept sucking until he was cleaned out. He got off of me and thanked her for the opportunity to fuck a real sissy and mouth cunt. He finally left and we cuddled for the rest of the night. I asked her shortly after that to marry me. She said yes and we have been swinging ever since. We joined a group and have both been sucking cock and pussy and have been fucking ever since. We've been married for 13 years now and I don't see us slowing down one fucking bit.