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My husband knew I was a fucking slut when he married me. I love every kind of sex with both men and women and he knows it. He's very straight and won't even let me finger fuck him when I'm sucking his cock. He doesn't drink much but gets horny when he's had a few too many. One night we got home from a neighborhood party and he was a bit wasted. I was playful and began to suck his cock. He was getting hard and I stopped. When he asked why I stopped I said "I'll bet you that you can't pick up a tranny with big tits." I'd never challenged him like this and to my amazement he asked what the stakes were. I thought for a minute and said that if I won I get to tie him up and do whatever I wanted to him and if he won he could fuck anybody he wanted. Then I said my sister really wanted to fuck him but I always said no, but if he won I would give her to him for a weekend. In his drunken state he said "Fuck yeah. You're on."

I said to get dressed and we'll go find out. He didn't expect it to be that night but I sort of pushed him into it. He was still drunk when we pulled up in front of the gay bar. He said he thought I had taken it too far but I told him he had to go through with it or I wouldn't suck his cock ever again. "Fuck, let's get this over with" he said as we got out of the car. The place was packed and I told him to go find the one. While he was wandering through the crowd I noticed two women at the bar. I knew them and knew that Jenny had both a cock and big tits. I walked over and hugged both of them. Then I told Jenny of our bet and she said she would love to fuck my man. I told her to walk over and grab his hand and put it on her cock and let it go wherever it would. He had drank another couple of beers standing at the bar looking nervous. I watched as Jenny sat next to him and told him to buy her a drink. He looked around and spotted me. I waved him on. He bought her a drink and I saw her grab his hand. That was my cue to stand between them. "So, what's going on here?" I asked. Jenny said "This man just grabbed my cock thinking it was a pussy." He stuttered a bit and Jenny just laughed. Then she told him she had been watching him and wanted to see what he had between his legs. Again he looked at me and I just said that it was his move. He took another drink and was slurring his words a little. He asked her if she wanted to go home with him. She stood up and grabbed his hand. "Come on stud, let's go make a night of it." I was laughing inside. I said that I would be their chaperone and headed out to the car. When we got home I walked them into the bedroom and helped Jenny strip my husband. I sat down on the recliner to watch.

Jenny laid him on his back and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him until he got hard. Then she took her top off and scooted up. She put a tit into his mouth while stroking his cock. He eagerly started to suck on her nipple. I walked over and pulled her pants and shorts off. He didn't even notice but seemed pretty shocked when Jenny turned around and shoved her cock into his mouth. It was average in length and within a few seconds he was sucking that cock like he was made for it. It got my pussy wet. I noticed that while sucking his cock she had a finger in his ass. He must have been really wasted to let her do that. After he sucked her hard she turned around again and kissed him. They were really lost in the moment when she broke the kiss and scooted down a little bit. She lifted his legs and said "Honey, I"m gonna fuck you now." He didn't respond and she slowly pushed her cock into Terry's ass. He kept saying "Oh fuck" over and over as she pushed in deeper until she was buried to her nuts. Then she started to fuck him and was stroking his cock at the same time. Within two minutes he started cumming. It was the biggest cum I'd ever seen him have. She fucked him for a few minutes longer and pulled out. She turned around again and after wiping her cock off she put it back in his mouth. He took it like a pro. I took the opportunity to put on my recently purchased strap-on and knelt between his legs. I put it against his asshole and pushed in. He didn't even whimper as I started to fuck him as he sucked Jenny. It wasn't long and he was hard again with Jenny sucking him and me fucking him. Then Jenny said she was gonna cum in his mouth. Again he didn't even flinch and she emptied her girly nuts into his mouth. He swallowed every fucking drop.

When she was spent Jenny got off of him and got dressed. We hugged and had a long deep kiss. I walked her to the door and she said she'd love to do it again. I told her we would for sure. I admitted that he won the bet, but even though he won I got to ass fuck him anyway. He laughed a little and said that next weekend was his with my sister. From what I understand they fucked several times that weekend and she even ass fucked him with her own strap-on. This has opened up a whole new realm for us. We are now full-fledged swingers and we both get more cock and pussy than we ever thought possible.