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When I was 19, my aunt (who is a lesbian) needed help moving into her new place. A couple of days after we finished moving her things, I ended up spending the night there. One night turned into 2 months. One day, about 10 days of staying there at their new place, my aunt told her girlfriend to run and get a few things from their old home, including some seasonings so she could make dinner. Of course she didn't want her to leave by herself so she told me to go with her. We left and got what we needed at the old house and threw everything else away that they didn't want. Then, when we went to the kitchen to leave out of the back door, she said "You know, I thought about testing the water with you when we were home alone together". I was flustered and didn't know how to respond. All I could say was "OK". So we headed back home and I ended up telling her "I wanted to see Wassup too low key". She smiled and looked at me. We ended up going to a gas station for something to drink before we made it back, and before we pulled up she told me how she slept with her stepson (my younger cousin) a few times. I immediately felt weird, especially since I made fun of him for being a virgin, not knowing he was fucking his step-mom the whole time. So we finally made it back and we walked in. As soon as we did, my cousin was walked by the door to go into the kitchen and I couldn't help but to laugh. Nobody heard me though. 2 days later, their dog had ran out of the front door when my aunt and her girlfriend were headed to work. My aunt had left while me and my step aunt went to chase the dog. She is a red nosed pit and is a very nice dog by the way. So my cousin came outside and the dog ran up to him. He then took her into the house and closed to door. I was still outside and I had thought a lot about how me and my step aunt wanted to have sex with each other so I figured I would make the move on her. So before I went into the house, I went to to her as she was getting into her car and kissed her. I didn't know what would happen next, so I waited to see what she would do. She leaned in, so we kissed some more. I grabbed her ass and caressed it as she got into her vehicle and watched her leave. After that I went inside and played call of duty with my cousin until I got tired and went to sleep on the couch.

I woke up at about 6 in the morning the next day. It was still kinda dark outside so I went to use the bathroom and laid back down. I noticed that my aunt's car was outside, so I figured she made it back to the house before I woke up. My step aunt had just made it back to the house 5 or 6 minutes after I laid back down. Neither if us said anything to each other as she walked in the door. She then went to her room and I was just on the couch chilling. Then, she came back into the front room half naked and started coming towards me. My dick immediately got hard because I knew what was about to happen. While I was still laying down, she got on top of me and whispered "I like how you kissed me last night, it turned me on". After she said that, I wrapped my arms around her and we made out for a good couple of minutes. She then said "I love the way you hold me, I don't get held like this with no one else. For some reason when she said that, I was turned on even more. Then we heard a noise which was my cousin getting up to use the bathroom and she left to go to the room. I was kinda pissed but it's alright, whatever. I couldn't go back to sleep so I just grabbed my phone and started watching One Piece. Then when I was done with a few episodes, I went to the bathroom and jerked off watching some porn. I couldn't stop thinking about how close I was to fucking her earlier, so I fantasized about what it would be like to slide my dick deep inside of her. A few hours later, my aunt made breakfast and then left. My cousin was still sleep, so step aunty had came back to the front room. We kissed and she sat in my lap, grinding on me and as soon as I was about to pull down my pajamas and slide in, here comes my damn cousin. She immediately hopped off and went to the kitchen grabbing some food. So fast forward a few days later, school starts. My cousin had to leave for school in the morning, which my aunt took him to, then she went somewhere else. My step aunt texted me and said "Come play in this pussy". I got up and went to her room. She was laying in bed on her back with her legs open, butt naked and smiling, just looking at me. In my head I'm like "finally" and I went in. I got on the bed after I took off my clothes. I started fingering her in order to get her wet, but she was already wet. I decided to just slide my dick in her since I didn't know what time my aunt was coming back. So I slid in real slow, and she held her mouth wide open telling me it was big. I started stroking real slow, then I sped up. She was moaning so loud that I thought someone outside could hear us, but I was so into it I didn't care. Then, I told her I wanted to do it doggy. As I was stroking, I heard a car door close. Their bed is right next to the window so all I had to do was look. It was my aunt outside, but she walks so slow that I could make a pack of ramen noodles before she made it into the house. I kept stroking and was close to cumming. She kept bringing it back on me and was moaning loudly, as she was cumming all over my dick. I also felt it run down my leg. I asked her where I could nut at and she told me to do it inside. She was 41 and couldn't have anymore babies after her second child, who is around my age, so I decided to do it. I made the dumbest face as I was busting my nut deep inside of her. Then I hurried up and got my clothes back on and went to my cousin's room. She rushed to the bathroom and as soon as she did, my aunt walked in the house. She went straight to her room and the day was pretty normal. After that, me and my step aunt had sex daily when nobody was around. One time she woke me up to some head when she snuck in the front room at around 5 in the morning.

So in the middle of September, I had just got done jerking off in the bathroom since my step aunt was still at work. When I got done my aunt was sitting in the front room on her recliner. She sits in there every day so I didn't think nothing of it. I sat down on the couch and she started talking to me. "So when was the last time you got some pussy boy?" she asked. "Yesterday" I replied. Then I said "I have this one girl I mess with sometimes when she's not doing nothing". "Oh I was just wondering" she said. Then she told me to clean a pot in the kitchen so she could make something to eat. Keep in mind that my cousin is at school and my step aunt is at work still. So after I got done cleaning the pot, I thought about how wet step aunt's pussy was and it got me hard as fuck. I tried to cover it up but I couldn't really hide it, especially since I was in shorts. Then my aunt told me to take out the sausage. I laughed hard as hell to the point where I almost cried, I'm guessing you know why, and my dick print was just there showing. She asked why I was laughing but then she started laughing after she caught on. I took out the polish sausage in the freezer and sat it in the sink, then went back to the front room, still having a hard on. My aunt looked directly at it saying "what's that?". I tried to cover it up but couldn't really hide it. She then said "Somebody's a little excited". I was just like "It happens sometimes". A few minutes later I stood up check if the sausage was thawed out and my dick swung. You could tell because of the shorts I was wearing. Again my aunt looked. I don't know why but I got turned on. Then her eyes got bigger and she kept staring at my crotch as I walked past her. The meat wasn't done thawing so I went back to the front room. When I sat down, my aunt turned to Netflix and turned on some show I never heard of. Then we started talking about sex. After a few minutes of talking about how good our exes fucked us I asked her a question. I said "I'm curious aunty. How come when people are around you talk about how long my tongue is or how big my dick is?" Then she said "That's just how it happens. Everybody gets talked about". "True true" I said. "Plus, I know this is gonna sound weird, but if you wasn't my nephew I would fuck the shit outta you. You're fine, smart, and strong and you gotta good head on your shoulders". "That was straightforward. I thought you was a lesbian aunty" I said while I was laughing. "I never claimed to be a lesbian baby" she told me. "So you're bisexual?" I asked. "Yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have had your cousin" she replied laughing. I was in a state of shock because I never thought I would be having that conversation, especially with my aunt. Then a few more minutes passed by and I got up to check the sausage again. It was still kind of frozen but it was almost thawed. When I went back to the front room, my aunt took her shirt and bra off, titties all out. I didn't think nothing of it because in her house she walks around naked so it was normal to me. I never thought of her in that way before either so it was cool. She actually has a pretty nice body though, especially for a 42 year old. Come to think if it her girlfriend does too. But she's thicker. Anyway so she started cooking the food but I forgot what she was making, I think it was cabbage and sausage. Then she sat next to me on the couch as the food was cooking. She scooted closer to me and then placed her hand on my leg and watched tv like nothing was going on. I couldn't help but get hard even though I was trying not to, and she noticed but didn't say nothing. I was on the right edge of the couch so I couldn't scoot over or nothing. Then she gently placed her hand on my dick, and when she did it jumped in my shorts. She then said "woah am I making you horny baby?". "Yes you are" I told her. Then she slowly slid her hand in my shorts and said "No drawls huh" and proceeded to rub my dick very gently. I sat back on the couch feeling a little weird considering the fact that she's rubbing my dick but when I was little she used to whoop my ass when I did something bad. Then I started to enjoy it. Then she pulled my shorts down a little bit and took my dick out. That's when she started jerking me off slowly, looking me in my eyes while doing it. She looked kinda sexy doing it too so I said Fuck it. My shorts came down more and fell to my feet. Before I knew it, she started moving her head towards my dick, putting her mouth on the tip. That's when she started sucking my dick and omg it felt so fucking amazing I didn't know what to think. She started gagging, then deep throated it about 3 fourths of the way. Then she spit on it and slapped it on her tongue. After that she hit me with the hand twist, sucking my dick faster than she was a minute earlier and getting spit all over my dick. It was so much saliva, I was in heaven. Then she got on her knees in front of me and sucked my balls while still jerking me off and looking at me in my eyes. After that, she put my dick in between her big titties and let me titty fuck her. It was sliding as if I was in her pussy. I felt that I was gonna soon. She then said "I love your chocolate dick baby, I want you to cum for me. Cum for aunty baby". Before I came, I told her and she put it back in her mouth. She deep throated my dick one more time and when she felt me cumming in her throat, she took it out if her mouth and slapped my dick on her face. I busted so hard that it was shooting in the air and some of it got on the floor. That's when she rubbed my dick with her lips and wiped some cum off of her face and swallowed it. After that we got cleaned up and she finished cooking. We never talked about it though and the day went on as normal as could be. After that day I never looked at her the same. EVER.

So a day later on Saturday everybody was home. We were all chilling. Then my step aunt sat next to me on the couch and I got hard. I think my aunt noticed because she glanced over at my crotch, but she didn't say anything about it. A few minutes later, my other cousin showed up at the house (my step aunt's son) to visit. He stayed for an hour or two then he left after we made plans for next weekend. I tried so hard not to think about the fact that I sleep with his mom but I couldn't help it. I felt kind of guilty but not too guilty since we aren't blood related. After that, my aunt sent me and her girlfriend to McDonald's to get some food and her and my cousin stayed home. We went to the car, got in, drive off and when we pulled off the first thing she did was grab my dick. She made sure I got hard and put some saliva on her hand then continued giving me a handy. It felt really good but I felt kind of uncomfortable considering how close me and her son is since I don't have many cousins in my age range. But I figured with everything that happened between us it was too late to feel bad. I then opened the glove compartment and got some napkins for when I was about to nut. She stopped at a red light and kept jerking my dick. Then I told her I was about to cum and she said "tell me when the light turns green" and proceeded to suck my dick after she took off her sestbelt. Nobody could really see what was going on because the windows on her car are tinted. I came inside of her mouth and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I then pushed her head down on my dick and she started gagging. I felt my dick inside if her throat. After I finished nutting she got back up and the light turned green. I watched her swallow every drop of nut that came out. She took some time to put in her seatbelt and somebody honked their horn at us to go. She then drove off and made it into the McDonald's drive thru line. I situated myself and we got our food. After that we made it back home after a long talk on how my aunt knows she gets sick sometimes but doesn't know that we're having sex with each other. I thought about telling her how my aunt sucked my dick the other day in the living room but I kept my mouth shut. We then made it home and ate. I played the game with my cousin and then we walked around the hood a little bit after. After that we went inside and watched Big Mouth on Netflix. For some reason this nigga went to sleep early. That same night I laid down on the couch. It was about 9:00 at night and I get a text from my step aunt. It said "Your aunt doesn't think I can handle you in bed. How big are you? And no I never said nothing me and her are just talking hypothetical". I texted back "almost ten inches" and she sent me an emoji. My aunt knows that I'm a rough and tough type of person which is why she said that her gf couldn't handle me in bed, which, she kinda can't but eh. So later that night my step aunt was getting ready for work. Before she left me and her made out like we did everyday and then left. After that my aunt called me to the room. I'm thinking my step aunt told her some shit so I'm preparing for whatever. She just wanted to know if I talked to my mom (her sister) lately. Then we talked a little bit and I went to sleep. When I woke up though my aunt was walking around naked and cooked something, this was around like 7 or 8 in the morning. I got up with morning wood and used the restroom. Then I went and got my plate. She sat down in the front room and ate with me. Then she looked at me smiling and said "I got something for you later nephew". I'm a fan of surprises so I just said okay. About an hour after we got done eating, my cousin left with his "big brother" from the big brothers big sisters program. Then my step aunt left to her sister's house. After they both left, my aunt gave me a look that said "I'm gonna Fuck you" so I got excited. Then she asked me "How would you feel if I offered to have sex with you?". I was just like "I would feel excited". So she said "Meet me in the room" and got up. I got to thinking about how incest is wrong and what would happen if I accidentally got her pregnant. I didn't have any condoms. But then something in me just said Fuck it I'm fine with it. So I went to the room and she was standing next to the bed. Then she slowly walked up to me and kissed me on my neck. After that we made out and I started pinching her nipples. Then I grabbed one of them and sucked on it. We got in bed 69 position and sucked and licked on each other. For some reason it felt better this time around when she was sucking my dick. As I started eating her pussy and sucking her clit, I noticed she was getting wetter. I kept eating it and she eventually came on my face. Then she laid on her side and I laid behind her and stuck my dick in real slow. As I was stroking her she wanted it deeper, so I put it in deeper and started stroking harder. Her pussy was so wet and it felt so good. Then she got on top and rode me both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She came so much it was crazy. After that I hit her doggy and I don't know why but I enjoyed her so much. It was almost too interesting. After another few minutes if sex, I felt like I was gonna cum any second. So she put it in her mouth as I laid down and sucked the shit out of my dick. I mean nigga she was so into it my eyes rolled to the back of my head. As I nutted, she deep throated. I came all in her throat. Then she kept sucking and licking it. She looked me in my eyes and said "I love you". Of course I said it back. We kissed and then I put my clothes back on and went to the front room. She ended up falling asleep. That very same day at around 7 my I fucked my step aunt after my aunt went to work. Then I ate and went to sleep. Sex was happening in that house until the middle of October. I don't think either one of them knows about it between each other either.

So I left their house in October and went back to my grandma's house. That's when the unexpected happened. Now I've never been the kind person to think about incest or ever tried to make it happen. It just happened. So okay I'm chilling in my room upstairs on the weekend and I noticed some of my things were missing. I went to my mama's room to ask what happened or if she seen anything... And I caught her masturbating. So I immediately said sorry and closed the door and went back to my room. Now I can't lie and say I never noticed how good my mom looks it's just not something I ever thought or talked about really. I got turned on by it low key and called this girl I was messing with at the time. She was busy tho and couldn't pick me up so I tried a different girl. Same result. So I decided I'll just beat it in the bathroom with some lotion. So I'm jerking off and its feeling real good. Then my brother almost walked in on me until I said something. I asked what happened to my Bluetooth headphones and he had them. So he left after that and I continued doing what I was doing. Then my mom busts in the door without knocking or anything and caught me in the act. She was shocked but laughed it off. She then grabbed something from the cabinet and I'm thinking "you can't just wait?". So when she left I ended up leaving without even finishing busting my nut. So I'm laying in bed watching One Piece frustrated. Later that day at like 7 or 8 I hear my mama talking to my brother on the phone. I guess he stayed the night at my other aunt's house with all of our cousins. Then my mom came into my room from the door that connects our two rooms. She asked "You feel better?" and I didn't know what to say so I just laughed. Then I said "No". She asked why and I said "Because I didn't get to finish" and I laughed because I was so embarrassed. Then she said "Yeah me neither. So what did you do at your aunty's house?". I didn't tell her exactly what happened I just made a bunch if stuff up. Then she said "Oh. You know that when me and her was talking on the phone she was talking about how sexy you are" and I was lost for words. I just said "What really she did?". She said "Yeah. I told her that you're her nephew so he might not go for that but good luck". Then I said "Oh wow" and laughed for a good minute. Obviously they were just playing but I figured my aunt was dead ass serious considering what happened. After that I got a call from my aunt at like 9 and talked to her. We talked about what we were gonna do next time I go back over there but we can't let nobody find out. Then I told her what my mama said and my aunt told me "Oh yeah I did say that. Me and your mom had our lil run arounds with each other before too" and I was flabbergasted. Then I asked her what would happen if my mom found out about us and she said "It doesn't matter because for one you're grown now and I had sex with her too. Who knows what she might do but she knows how I am so she won't be mad at you". I felt relieved after that. So we finished our conversation and got off the phone. I never thought that some of the people in my family were such freaks. It turns out that I don't know everything. I definitely didn't see this coming. But so I got on my PS4 to play GTA V and I went to the strip club. When I got a private dance my mom walked in the room and said "Uh huh looking at titties boy what you doing. Ole manish ass" and then left. I didn't think nothing of it though. So she came back to the room but didn't say nothing to me. Just sat down. Then she said "So what did you do at your aunt's house?". I said "I already told you" and she said "You didn't give me the full story. I know what you and your aunt was doing you ain't gotta hide it she already told me". I was so scared nigga I didn't know how to think or act. So I was just like "So she told you" and she said "no but you did. It's okay me and her did it too before". I felt so stupid because I didn't have to say shit. Then I said "oh really that's kinda crazy?". "Yeah but it happened" she said back. "So did she treat you good?" she asked. I paused for a minute because I was thinking about how good it was and how right I felt in the moment. "Yeah she treated me well mama" I told her. I had the biggest smile on my face too. Then I got hard. After that my mama started rubbing on my leg and I felt so weird. Then she said "Don't think about it" and kissed my cheek. I paused the game and it felt weird at first but I made out with her. I thought I heard somebody coming up the stairs so I stopped but she kept going. By this point I just stopped caring about the fact that it was incest and just went with it. Then I sat back down with a hard on and we went to her room. She undressed herself then she pulled down my sweats, got on her knees and started sucking my dick. I've never felt so comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time in my entire fucking existence but like I said Fuck it. So I took off my shirt and she said "Look at my buff baby". Then deep throated my dick and I grabbed her head while she did it. After that she sat on the edge of the bed and I ate her out. Then I put my dick in her wet pussy while her legs were in the air just stroking the fuck outta her. It was much tighter than my aunt's was. So while I'm stroking and she's moaning saying "Yes fuck yes" the goddamn bed rail broke. So we switched to my bed which is bigger and went back at it in that same position. After that I hit doggy and then she asked me if I've ever done anal. I said "no never" and she said "Put it in there then but stroke slow". So after a few tries and watching her go thru the pain I finally made it happen. Then she said I can speed up a little bit so u did. I never knew how tight a booty hole was. But it felt good as fuck. So then I sat on the edge of the bed and mouth fucked her while holding her hair and everything. She deep throated my entire dick and barely took breaths. I ended up nutting in her throat and we cleaned up. Then we made out some more and went to sleep after I fixed her bed.

So this is my confession. I fucked my mom, aunt, and aunt's girlfriend. We still have that type of relationship too but now My aunt knows about her girlfriend. And she knows about me and my mom.