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By the time I got to High School I was very developed. I had big tits, large nipples and a small waist. I knew all the guys stared but I kind of liked it. When I became a sophomore I got a boyfriend. He was a senior like my older brother and was one of his best friends. One night at a party I drank a little and John, my boyfriend took me into a bedroom. I had let a couple of guys feel my tits but that was about all. This night was different. John started kissing me and I melted. He laid me on the bed and unbuttoned my blouse. He pushed my bra over my tits and started to play with my nipples. I really liked that. Then he turned me around so my head was at the foot of the bed. I was almost too drunk to care but still knew what was going on. Then he undid his pants and pulled them off. He wasn't wearing underwear and I was staring at his cock. I had really never seen one up close before and was shocked when he put it up to my lips and pushed it in my mouth. I didn't know anything about sucking cock but he kept saying I was a natural. His cock got harder and harder until it filled my mouth. I started to enjoy it and the second shock came when he started cumming in my mouth. He was pulling my nipples as hard as he could as he filled my mouth and I felt my own orgasm as it hit. We didn't fuck but we both came that night.

About a week later mom and dad were gone for the weekend and Terry, my brother had John come over. We drank a bunch of dad's beer and John and I started making out. He was playing with my tits in front of my brother. By that time I really didn't give a fuck. Then John stood up and took his pants off. His semi-hard cock was out in the open. He sat down and ordered me to suck him. I hesitated at first, but when he slapped me and told me again to suck his cock I was afraid not to. After I had drained his cock we drank a little more then John went home. I figured Terry would just go to bed, but after I kissed John good night and came back to the living room Terry was sitting on the couch naked.

I figured Terry would just jerk off and that would be the end of it. Instead, he looked at me and said to take my clothes off. When I said no he said he would tell our parents and everybody he knew what a good cocksucker I was. I knew he was serious so I started to strip. He had his hand on his cock. It looked a lot bigger than John's. When I had my clothes off he said it was his turn to feel my lips on his cock. After he threatened me again I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted better than John's and as appalled as I was I really wanted to suck him. By the time he was fully hard he was at least seven inches long and pretty thick. Then he said he was gonna cum and I better take it all or else. He started cumming and I swallowed every fucking drop. Again I figured we were done and I could go to bed but he said that I was gonna suck him hard again and he was going to fuck me. I was a virgin but at a crossroads. Should I let him fuck me or take the chance that he would spread the nasty word about me. I relented and started to suck him again. It took about 10 minutes but he was finally hard. He had me mount him and lower myself onto his cock. It was a little painful at first and I was crying from the pain and humiliation but he didn't care. He started to play with my nipples and I started to get excited. When he asked if I wanted more I told him yes.

He had me get off of him and get on all fours on the floor. He knelt behind me and shoved his big cock back into me. It was really feeling good. Then I felt his fingers spread my ass cheeks and start to play with my asshole. It felt soft and just like I was rubbing my own asshole. He made me cum with his cock inside me. He felt me shudder and knew I just had an orgasm. Then he pulled his slippery cock out of my cunt and at once shoved into my asshole. I screamed and begged him to stop but he just threatened me again and made me lay on my belly. He shoved his cock back into my ass and fucked me for 10 more minutes. He finally came in my ass and pulled out. I hurt worse than I could imagine. It was three days until I could shit normally again. But I learned how good a big cock felt in my mouth and cunt.

He never did tell on me as long as I kept sucking and fucking him. By the time he was 20 and I was ready to graduate his cock had actually grown another inch. I loved his fat huge cock fucking me into oblivion. I've never found another cock that could satisfy me like that and have never married. He's married with kids now but every now and then he needs an expert blowjob and I can suck him until he cums three times in my mouth. I'm almost 30 now and the blowjobs with him get more frequent and last week he finally talked his wife into letting me live in their spare bedroom. She works nights and I can only imagine what he has in mind.