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When I got married I was pretty much into vanilla sex. I got on top, fuck her until I cum and roll over and go to sleep. My wife had different tastes. She wanted it rough and a bit kinky. I could never understand it. Then on our fourth anniversary she gave me a coupon for a dominatrix. I really didn't know what a dominatrix die. she tried to explain it to me but I was still pretty naive. She said she would set up an appointment for me and that she got the deluxe package. My wife is a fucking knockout and I love her dearly so I decided to go see what this was all about. She said it would open me up to more of her tastes.

It was a Friday night when she drove me to the house. When the front door opened there was a large woman in all leather and my wife introduced me. She then said she would pick me up at noon on Sunday and she was gone. The dom took me by the hand and led me to her basement. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Her name I never knew. She said to call her "Mistress." She said that she would make me feel better than I ever felt so I said I would let her do what she thought I needed. I really wanted to please my wife and wanted to want more of her tastes. Mistress told me to strip and lay on the bench in her basement and when I did she tied my hands and feet down. She started by massaging my feet, then my thighs and up to my chest. My cock was already starting to get hard. I couldn't stop it. Then she produced a leather-like whip and started to slap my thighs. When I told her it hurt she said that in addition to making me feel good she was going to produce more pain than I could ever imagine. I told her that I wasn't into pain but she ignored me and kept slapping my thighs with her whip. Then she grabbed my nuts and squeezed. Just a little. She said that she would squeeze until I promised to do whatever she said. It took a couple of minutes but when the pain was too much I said I promised. She let go of me and started to stroke my cock. She stroked me until I came. Then she wiped my cum off of my belly and fed it to me. I had never tasted cum before and really didn't like it but she reminded me I promised. It took another squeeze of my nuts until I complied. Then she put a leather hood on me. My mouth and nose were exposed but I couldn't see anything. I felt the slap of her whip on my belly chest and nuts. It hurt so bad I actually started crying. She kept saying that I was her slave now and she could do anything she wanted. She put nipple clamps on me and when she finally took them off it hurt enough to make me cry again. Within an hour she had me so broken I would do anything to make her stop hurting me. She said that was what she wanted to hear. Then I felt a finger on my asshole. It wasn't her. She said to relax and take it like a good little faggot. I held back the tears as the finger entered my asshole. I was being finger fucked. At first I hated it but after a couple minutes I started to like it. Then a second finger entered me. Same result. My cock was starting to get hard again and my dom then mounted the bench and put her cunt on my mouth. I had never eaten pussy before and didn't really know what to do until she started to guide me. For the first time I was eating a woman's cunt and being finger fucked at the same time.

A few minutes later the fingers pulled out of my ass and I felt something much larger enter me. It hurt like a fucking bitch and I squirmed as I was being ass fucked by something large. It took several minutes of pain until I finally started to relax and then started to like it. My cock was now rock hard and I felt a pair of lips on me. I was being sucked and fucked at the same time. It wasn't long and I was cumming for the second time. Whoever it was swallowed every drop. Then the cock pulled out of my ass and my dom got off of my face. A minute later I heard her tell me there was another cunt ready for my tongue. I felt somebody on the bench and then she lowered herself onto my face and I was licking another pussy. It was different than my dom's cunt but tasted sweet. I heard her moaning as I tongue fucked her to orgasm. Then they were gone.

I fell asleep and woke up in the morning. My dom brought in a bed pan and urine bottle to take care of my bodily functions. It was embarrassing but when you gotta go you gotta go. She cleaned me up and we were at it again. She put the nipple clamps back on me for about an hour. She also put a cock ring on me and shoved a butt plug into my ass. I licked cunt all day and was totally wore out by the time Saturday was over. At least that was what I though. Sometime in the afternoon she pulled the plug out of my ass. I was relieved and then I was licking pussy again. I felt a strange pair of lips on my cock as I was being sucked. I got hard and a few minutes later I came. Then the pussy got off of my face and I felt another body mount me. This whole time I was blind from the hood. I thought it was another pussy but was surprised when I felt a cock push past my lips. My dom told me to relax and take it all. I had never sucked a cock before but this was surprisingly exciting. I took it like I wanted it all my life. He mouth fucked me for about 15 minutes then filled my mouth. When my dom said to swallow it all I did. I thought he was done but he kept his cock in my mouth until he was hard. Then he pulled out and I felt him move down between my legs. He lubed my ass up and shoved his cock in me. I thought it would hurt but it actually felt good. Pretty soon I was fucking him back, telling him to fuck me like his woman. He did. He filled my ass then he was gone. My dom strapped me some more, played with my nipples for a while and stroked my cock until I jizzed all over my belly. Then she said to sleep well and she was gone. I ended up pissing all over myself before the night was over and on Sunday morning she cleaned me up again. She had me piss and shit and said we only had a few more hours left. My thighs and belly were nearly on fire from her whip but when I felt the lips on my cock I thought it was all worth it. I came twice in her mouth and licked my dom's cunt for a good hour that morning.

I was broken and humiliated. By this time I would do anything she tole me to do. Sometime that morning she said that she wanted me to agree that women owned my body. I agreed and felt somebody squat down on my hard cock. She took the good off of me and I realized it was my wife. She leaned forward and kissed me. We fucked for another 30 minutes or so until I came again inside her.. They finally untied me and my wife said it was time to go home. When we got home she said it was her the whole time playing with me and watching me get fucked. Since that weekend we have had the best sex life I could have ever imagined. We have even joined a swingers' club and get sucked and fucked nearly every weekend. I'm so fucking glad she had the foresight to get me a mistress for a dom. We have a great marriage and aren't going to stop anytime soon.