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We were at the bar and both a little drunk. My wife and I had been married about six years and have become to frequent this bar. Then a big belly tall man sat next to Jenny at the bar. He kept looking and after introduced himself said "Fuck baby, those tits really turn me on." She blushed and told him she was married and pointed at me. He said "that's okay. I can do him too. After all I can cum all night with my big cock." We were both taken back a bit and she looked down at his crotch. "So, how big is it." He said it was big enough to fill us both up. She looked at me. We were both pretty drunk by this time and she looked at me. Then she said to me that she always wondered how a large cock would feel and would love me even more if this happened. We all chatted a bit then told him to follow us home.

We all drove to our apartment and went inside. He said not to worry about his size, that he was a lover and would leave us both satisfied. He suggested we all get undressed. We went into the bedroom and told her to lay on the bed. She did and he dove between her legs and started to suck on her cunt. His cock started to grow and I couldn't believe how big it was getting. Mine is about six inches long but his was massive compared to me. I even started to get hard staring at it. She was moaning when he scooted up and put his cock up to her lips. She took it like a pro. I was mesmerized when he told me to lay down next to her. Jenny was in heaven sucking his cock and told me to take it. He mounted me and put his cock up to my lips. I had never sucked a cock before but was pretty excited to have him in my mouth. His belly hit my face every time he pushed forward a little bit. Then he told her to lick my ass. She looked bewildered but crawled between my legs and started to lick my asshole as I sucked him.

I sucked him for another five minutes and suddenly he came in my mouth. I had never tasted cum before and wasn't sure I liked it but didn't have much of a choice. I ended up swallowing almost all of it and he kept his cock in my mouth. Not only was Jenny tonguing my asshole but ended up finger fucking me with one, then two fingers. When he was starting to get hard again he pulled out of my mouth and told her to mount me in a 69. My cock was already hard when she started sucking my cock and I started eating her cunt. I felt his finger enter my asshole. It actually felt really good and it wasn't long before I came. Jenny never swallowed before but when I filled her mouth she took it all. Then I felt his finger pull out of my ass and then felt something much larger push against my pucker hole. He pushed in until he was buried up to his pubic hair in my ass. Then he started to slowly fuck me I thought it would hurt but it felt really good. He fucked me for the next half hour while I ate Jenny's cunt. I made her cum at least three times.

I found out later that she really got turned on watching him fuck me up close. He ended up filling my ass with cum and she sucked me until I came a second time. It was an eye-opener for the both of us and we've been going to that bar every week since that night. We never did see that guy again but have sucked and fucked many men since then. We've discovered we both love both cock and cunt and are more in love than ever before.