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I met him on-line through C/L. His ad said he had a really big cock and I was horny that night. My wife hasn't wanted sex in some time so I look elsewhere without her knowing. The ad said he liked sucking cock and loved to fuck older men. That's me. I love having my cock sucked and I was older than his 38 years so I answered the ad. He only lived about three miles from me. I was a bit drunk so when my wife asked where I was going I gave her my standard answer of "I don't know. Maybe I'll go out and get my cock sucked." I had been giving her that answer for years, usually when I went to the bar for a real drink.

He had me go around back to the basement door. He had a couch, TV and a rug down there. He was a tall fat guy and not real good looking. I thought I had made a mistake but had already committed myself as I walked in. Immediately he told me to strip. When I hesitated he mentioned he was a total top and tonight I was his bottom. I was a little scared but excited too. That meant I didn't have to make any decisions. I stripped and was standing there naked when he had me turn around. I did and he ran his hands down my back, rubbed my ass cheeks a little then reached around and started to play with my massive four inch cock. His hand totally engulfed my cock and balls as I started to get a little hard. Then he said to turn around and get on my knees. I did and he told me to take his pants down. I pulled them down and he was without underwear. His cock popped out over his pants and nearly hit me in the face. He wasn't kidding when he said he had a really big cock. It hung down and was at least seven inches long and fairly thick with about half a hood. Then he said to suck him. I took a handful of his cock and gently put it in my mouth. I reached under to feel his nuts and found the biggest sac I ever saw. They barely fit in my hand. Little by little he got hard and thick. I figured he was close to nine inches when he was fully erect. Then he had me lay down on the rub on my back and knelt over my face. He put his ass on my mouth and said to tongue him. His asshole was actually very clean and lightly scented. After a couple of minutes he moved back a little and tilted my head. He put his cock back in my mouth and began to fuck it. He reached over and started to play with my nipples while mouth fucking me. This was really turning me on and my little cock was at full mast. Then he announced he was going to cum in my mouth. It was a statement and right after he said it he started cumming. He filled my mouth with so much cum I nearly choked but managed to swallow about half of it. What a fucking stud. At once I didn't care that he was extremely fat or kind of ugly. His cock made up for it. After he finally finished emptying his nuts he pulled his cock out of my mouth and spun me around. His mouth was gentle on my cock and his tongue worked the underside. He could actually get my entire cock and balls in his mouth. I was getting close when he shoved a finger in my ass. It as slippery and slid in without a problem. I like it when my wife finger fucks me when she's sucking me but I had never been actually fucked by a cock.

It didn't take but a few seconds after his finger found my prostate that I started cumming. he took it all and sucked me clean. His finger was still working my asshole when before I knew it he pulled it out and stuck his cock up to my hole. It hurt like a fucking bitch when he shoved his giant cock inside me but after he was nearly all the way in he stopped to let me relax my ass muscles. Then he started to slowly fuck me and I was getting into it. He pushed my knees up to my chest and was playing with my nipples as he fucked me. He filled me up like a fucking rhino and I moaned with every thrust. I was quickly becoming his bitch and 30 minutes later he finally came. I was nearly passed out when he filled my ass. He still had a large load left and gave it all to me. His cum oozed out of my ass and down my crack. I didn't even notice until then that he made me cum again and hadn't even touched my cock.

I finally got dressed and headed home. When I walked in my wife expected me to be really drunk so I sort of stumbled around a bit and headed to the shower. I washed all of the cum off and out of me and dried off. I headed to bed and she was already asleep. I'm kind of glad she's a cold fish as I have a lot more fun with men than I ever did with her. Fucking a younger man's ass is much better than her large cunt and now I've found the joy of being fucked in the ass.

Last year for our anniversary I bought her a fairly large strap-on. She was pissed at first but I finally convinced her to try it with the excuse that if she became the fucker and me the fuckee she wouldn't have to worry about my cock in her cunt anymore. Once she tried it she thought it was great fun. Now she fucks me several times a month and on the weekends she doesn't want to I still go out and get fucked. I'm addicted to anal sex and can't seem to get enough. What a fucking slut I've become.