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I met her at the bar that Friday night. I told my cold fish wife that I was going for a drink and would be home late. She said it was no problem. I was at the bar on my sixth beer and feeling pretty tipsy when Brandi sat next to me. I knew her from the store I often frequented. We started chatting and she asked why my wife wasn't here. I told her that my wife was a cold fucking fish and hadn't wanted sex for five years. She put her hand on my thigh and said that she was sorry but if I was remotely interested she thought I was cute and she could fill that sexual void. We chatted for a while and got to the subject of sex. She asked if I had ever had a gay experience. I admitted that I sucked a guy's cock in college but that was it. She said she loved to finger a guy's asshole while making him cum,Then she bought me a couple more drinks and said that if I was up to it she could make my cock wish it had her every night,. I thought that was pretty bold but I just stared at her large full tits and could see her nipples through her blouse. She noticed but didn't say anything. She stood up and said to follow her and my dreams would be fulfilled. I thought "what the fuck" and decided it was time I got some pussy. She walked me to my car and just before I got in she said that if I was going to follow her I had to agree to be her bitch for the night. I laughed and said she had a deal.

When we got to her place we walked in and she immediately turned and kissed me. Not only were her tits full but her lips were full and her kissed got me turned on. My cock started to get hard and when she put her hand between my legs I thought that I was going to cum tonight inside a real cunt. Soon we were on her bed naked. She had me lay sown on my belly and slapped my ass. She slapped it again then put one hand under me and grabbed my cock. "You're my bitch tonight right?" she asked. When I told her yes she had me say it and I said "I'm your bitch tonight." She turned me over and mounted me in a 69. As she was sucking my cock and had her cunt on and in my mouth she pulled my legs back and slapped my ass cheek again. She slapped me another half dozen times and it started to hurt. When I said it hurt she said it was too bad that I promised to be her bitch and whatever she said goes. Then she started to rub my ass gently and I acquiesced and said again that I was her bitch. She took my cock back in her mouth and pulled my legs up and put her arms between my legs to hold them up. He hand found my asshole and she started to finger fuck me. It felt really good. Then she said to tell her again that I was her bitch and would obey her tonight. I said it. She put a second finger in my asshole and asked if it hurt. It didn't. She said that was perfect and took my cock back in her mouth. I was sucking on her cunt and was getting closer to cumming when I felt the bed move and she pulled her fingers out of my ass. I felt something else against my asshole and felt it push in. It felt huge.

Then she said it was her husband Tim that was about to fuck me. When I started to protest she reminded me that I was her bitch and grabbed my nuts and squeezed a little. I was stuck. Her hand on my nuts could make me do anything so when she squeezed and again said that I was about to be fucked she told me to just relax. I tried and at first the pain was great when his cock pushed past my sphincter, but after a little bit he started to fuck me and it felt really good. Her cunt was grinding on my mouth and my tongue was as far up her cunt as I could get and her mouth was on my cock. Then she turned around and mounted me. I was facing her, fucking her and being fucked by her husband. Her nipples were as hard as a fucking rock and I pinched and pulled them. She reached down and grabbed my nipples as well. I told her to be gentle but she just smiled and pulled as hard as she could. It hurt like a fucking bitch but at the same time her cunt squeezed my cock and I started to cum. It was the most explosive orgasm I'd ever had. I just kept saying "Oh fuck fuck fuck" as her cunt milked me and his cock fucked me. I never believed I could cum so hard. Then my whole body went limp. I felt him pull his hard cock out of my ass and she hopped off of me. At the same time he hopped up on the bed and straddled my chest. His legs had my arms pinned to my side and after wiping his cock off he shoved his cock in my mouth. I barely even noticed that he was forcing it into my mouth and I opened my mouth. His cock was huge. Ag least two inches longer and much thicker than my own cock. I had never gotten hard before after cumming but my cock was still rock hard.

As I was sucking Tim's cock I felt her mouth on my cock again. She was able to take my entire cock in her mouth until her lips were hitting my pubes and his cock was hitting the back of my throat with every thrust. Then Brandi said again that I was her bitch and she wanted her husband to cum in my mouth. I felt kind of helpless with my arms pinned down and his large cock in my mouth. I had thought about sucking a guy's cock for a while but now that it was happening I was loving it and didn't care what she did to me. Then her face was inches from mine watching me suck her man's cock. He finally said he was gonna cum and she grabbed my head and held it steady as he filled my mouth with his cum. She ordered me to swallow it all. I managed to swallow most of it and he said it was the best fucking blowjob a man had ever given him. She told me to suck him clean and he kept his cock in my mouth until he had no more to give.

I was hooked. Her tits were large, full and her nipples turned me on every time I thought of her. What a fucking slut she was but I was into her as a slut. Since that night we've had threesomes, me and her, me and him and I have to admit as much as I love being with her when his big cock fucks me it is the greatest feeling I could imagine. It's been about three years and we are still fucking each other nearly every weekend.