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I met them on-line. They said they were and after we chatted a bit they invited me over on Friday night. They lived about an hour away but I was willing to drive. When I arrived Bill met me at the door in a pair of gym shorts. He immediately put his hand on my cock through my pants and said that I was in for the night of my life. He led me to the bedroom where Jim was already naked laying on the bed. Bill helped me strip and when we were all naked he told me to suck Bill's cock. He was about five inches after I got him hard. My own six inches was pretty hard by this time. Then he turned over and raised his ass up. Jim told me to tongue Bill's asshole. I was already a bit drunk and uninhibited so I started to work on Bill's ass. I caressed his big ass cheeks and eventually had my tongue buried in his asshole. About that time Jim started to lick my asshole as well. It felt great. My wife sometimes would play with my asshole when jerking me off but I'd never been fucked by another man.

Jim's tongue n my ass felt great. He tongue fucked me and then started to finger fuck me after he had my ass wet and slippery, Then he took his finger out and said to roll over. I rolled over and Bill was hovering over my face. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. At the same time Jim shoved his cock in my ass and started to fuck me. He said I was being spit-roasted. I took a load of cum in my mouth and another load in my ass. Whan they were both done they took turns sucking my cock and I finally came in Bill's mouth. He took it all.

When I got home that night my wife was already in bed. I hopped in the shower to wash the cum off and out of me then went to bed. I'm just glad she didn't want me to fuck her that night.