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My girlfriend Rhonda and I had been together for about 6 months. She was pretty uninhibited in bed and liked to lick my asshole when we were in the 69 position. It felt pretty kinky at first but I soon came to really like it. One night she said she had a guy put a roofie in her drink and take advantage of her. We talked about it for a bit and she offered to roofie me so I could understand what it was like. I figured since it was in a controlled environment I'd be willing to try it. So one Friday night shortly after dinner she said she did it. When I asked about what she said she had put a roofie in my water. I wasn't expecting it and about 15 minutes later I was starting to get really sleepy. I woke up in the morning with a bit of a headache and had no idea what happened the night before. My body was also a little sore and I was curious. When I asked her about it she said it was so fucking hot she wanted to do it again. I guessed that we fucked a few times or something like that. I told her that if she enjoyed it I might be willing. Then she showed me the video she took. What a fucking cunt.

The video: She helped me to the couch. I was barely coherent and she helped me get naked. I was sitting on the couch and she knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. Then the doorbell rang and she answered it. It was two big black guys and she ushered them in. "Is this the bitch?" one of them asked. "Yep" she said. "Do whatever you want." They both laughed a little. They picked me up and carried me to the dining room and laid me on the table on my back. I had my head hanging off of one side and my ass was at the other side. They both stripped and started to stroke themselves. They both had very large cocks. One then stepped up to me and bent my head back a little more and my mouth opened. He put the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly started to mouth-fuck me. Within a minute he was fucking my throat with that monster. "Baby, you were right" he said to Rhonda. "His throat is like a tight fucking cunt." About the same time he put his cock in my mouth the other guy was lubing my asshole and shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust. He had my legs pulled up and started to fuck me in the ass. They got in a rhythm and I was swaying back and forth with them. The guy in my ass came first and pulled his cock out of me. He walked into the bathroom while the guy in my mouth pulled about halfway out and started cumming. It filled my mouth to overflowing and was running down my cheeks.

At this point in the video Rhonda put her hand on my cock and mentioned that I was almost hard. I didn't realize it but watching myself get fucked was turning me on. She then mentioned what a little pussy I was and never knew I liked cock. I said I didn't but her look said otherwise. I thought the video was over and was enjoying it when she took my pants down and my cock popped out. But she said the best part was yet to come. "More?" I asked and she just replied "Oh fuck yeah." As the video continued the guy in my ass walked back into the picture and they traded places. He put his cock in my mouth and started to mouth-fuck me. Rhonda was stroking my cock in rhythm to to the cock in my mouth on the video. Then the guy who was first in my mouth shoved his cock in my ass. They got into a rhythm again and mentioned that spit roasting a white cunt like me was worth the price. After they mouth and ass fucked me for about 20 minutes they both pulled out and carried me to the living room. One laid down and was now fucking me from underneath. They positioned me so the other guy knelt above me and forced his cock into my asshole. Now I had two big cocks in my ass. I never dreamed I could take a cock, let alone two at the same time. They were stretching my asshole beyond its capability.

They both ass fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. My eyes were glued to the video when I noticed I was cumming. Rhonda had her hand around the head of my cock and caught a lot of it. About that time I could tell one was cumming in my ass. Rhonda reached up and put her cum filled hand up to my mouth and told me to lick it. I absently licked my own cum off of her hand as one guy pulled out of my ass and a minute later the other guy tensed up and came in my ass. He finally rolled me off of him and they picked me up and carried me to bed. She must have cleaned me up because I didn't feel any of their cum inside me when I woke up the next morning, but I was pretty shocked when the video showed them each paying her $100 each.

I called her every name in the book and she laughed. "What's so fucking funny?" I demanded. Then she said "You're such a little fucking bitch. I've been doing this to you for months and you've never even noticed." Then she handed me a stack of CDs, each with other men's names on them. Then she got up and walked out and never came back. I ended up watching the videos, realizing that I really liked to suck cock and have the large ones ass fuck me. Since that night I regularly go to the gay bar and bring other men home with me. I've become such a fucking cock slut I can't live without it. I think I've finally found the man I want and we have been together now for three months. All because that fucking bitch roofied me one night without me knowing it.