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Something about my life I thought very few people knew about my ex and me I never would have shared nor agreed to share with anyone outside of our circle of friends that played a part. Who remembers Polaroid instant cameras? While I was married to the ex he took alot of sexual pictures. When we separated and through the divorce process I kept asking what happened to those photos and wanted them destroyed. He swore he disposed of them. That was a lie. A few years ago when my mom was in last stages of cancer she gave me a package telling me I had to wait until she passed to look inside the package. I begged her to tell me what was in the package. She told me it was a surprise and I should wait as she instructed. I was busy taking care of her through her illness and the final arrangements for her memorial. I had to clear out her belongings and distribute as necessary and to her wishes. Several months later I finally ran across that package and sat down to look at the contents. There they were, dozens of polaroids of me having sex with various dogs. Mom never said a word about having that knowledge about me. I sometimes wonder what her thoughts were. I wonder how that conversation started with my ex and my mom. I wonder if he told her how much I loved that part of my life, did he tell her how much he enjoyed watching me be submissive like a bitch in heat.

Some of those things I wondered about were sort of answered in my mind judging by more information that I discovered in that box of photos.

I was surprised my ex had something sexual going on with my mom. Conversations with my mom at least five years after the divorce she would let things slip letting me know they were still talking and visiting each other. He was always closer with my parents than his own. I asked her many times why she was still talking to him because it didn't make sense. We had no children so nothing in common there. The only time I saw him after the divorce was at my dads funeral. I never saw him or talked to him after the divorce. Her neighbors would tell me they saw him visit her many times through the years even mentioned the dogs he had with him during the visits. The neighbors said how sweet it was that he would visit her even though we were divorced. I guess they didn't think anything was out of the ordinary between a 30 something man with a 60 something woman.

I will never know the details of their relationship. My ex had a way of manipulating and controling people to do things he wanted. After I saw all the photos she saved for all those years I have no doubt he managed to get my mom into having sex with dogs and she had sex with him. No photo evidence of my mom with a dog but enough evidence of their fling.

Along with all those photos of me with dogs there were a lot of photos of my mom sucking his cock. Photos of my naked mom, some she was on her hands and knees posing naked, or with cum dripping from her puss and even a few photos of a peeled banana sticking out of her puss and my ex eating a cum coated banana right out of her puss. More photos revealed she had a lesbian type thing going on as well. Photos of another woman licking her puss or sucking her tits, and there was my mom with her tongue planted in a womans puss. I knew he could get anything he wanted but I never dreamed he would coax and probably seduce my own mother to have any sexual activity.

I guess that is what she meant when she said it was a surprise.