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We were in Sunday School and my wife got up to go to the bathroom. The class had ended and everybody had gone into the chapel except me. I was waiting for my wife. Then I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and they moved down over my breasts. I got up and told her that this was inappropriate for church. She looked heart broken. She was a very good friend of ours and he husband had just went to prison for meth distribution. My wife often had her over for dinner and this day we invited her to come over after church and eat with us. She accepted.

My wife is a wonderful cook and will stay in the kitchen until it was time to eat. Leanna and I were at the dining room table just chatting and I got up and walked up behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders. I moved my hands down and whispered "We're not in church now." I moved my hands down and cupped her breasts. She put her head back and said "I want you." I told her we'd work it out. We had a good dinner and it was time to take her home. We usually picked her up for church and dropped her off afterwards. For some reason my wife asked me to take her home that night. I almost felt my cock jump when she said that. I made like it was a great hardship but I would do it for her. She was really appreciative. I drove Leanna home and she invited me inside when we pulled up in front of her house. I accepted.

I sat on the couch as she said she was going to change into something more comfortable. She first brought out a bottle of wind and poured me a glass. She said to relax and she'd be out in a few. When she came back out I was stunned. She was in a near see through nightgown with sheer blue panties. I could see her nipples and her pussy. Her nipples were huge and I instantly started to get hard. She poured both of us more wine. It was my third glass and I was feeling no pain. She saw me glancing at her tits. They weren't too large but those nipples turned me on. Then she stood up and asked if I liked them. I was now fixed on her tits and said they were the biggest nipples I'd ever seen. She said she was hoping I would notice. Then she pulled her nightie over her head and exposed herself to me. I reached up to cup her tits and she sat on me, her face inches from mine. I was just drunk enough to be bole. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our tongues explored each other's mouth and I found my hands on her tits rubbing her nipples in my fingers.. I had never heard her cuss but when she said she wanted me to fuck her I was taken back. All I could say was "Okay."

She scooted off of me and knelt before me. She undid my pants and took them off. Her hands were soft on my thighs as she worked her way up to my underwear. When she pulled my shorts down my cock popped out nearly hard. She immediately took my cock in her mouth. She asked if my wife sucked cock. I told her that she hadn't in years so she said she would suck me so I would never forget her. Within five minutes I said I was cumming. That's when I felt her finger being shoved up my as and she said to give it to her. When she hit my prostate I let fly. It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had and she took it all in her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as I could cum. I finally finished and she kept sucking until I was hard again. It took about 15 minutes. Then whe positioned me on the couch so I was on my back. She straddled my face facing my feet. She lowered her cunt onto my mouth and said to make her cum. I tongue fucked her for another 10 minutes and her cum entered my mouth. I loved it and she started to stroke my cock at that point. I was already hard from licking her cunt but this got me even harder. Then she got off of my face and turned around, mounting my cock. She said I was much bigger than her ex and wanted to fuck me and make me cum inside her.

I fucked her like this for about 10 minutes then she rotated on my cock so she was facing my feet. She started to play with my nuts and I soon felt a finger back into my asshole. Then it was two, and finally three fingers inside me. She said she really liked finger fucking her man while he fucked her. With three fingers ass fucking me I couldn't hole it very long and soon started cumming. I didn't fill her cunt up but it seemed to satisfy her as she moaned a little and said she was cumming. My average six inch cock was doing the trick. After we both came she quickly got off of me and knelt between my legs. She took my cock back into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum out of me. When she was convinced I was clean she turned back around and put her cunt on my mouth. She told me to clean her up as she sat on my face. I licked her cunt until my cum was gone and she was clean.

We laid there for a bit when she said I should get back to my wife. I was to tell her I was helping Leanna with her garbage disposal. It was good that my wife didn't want sex that night as I was spent. I took a shower and went to bed, my wife following. She never found out about us, but now every time my wife asks Leanna over for dinner I drive her home and end up fucking her. She said I was the best fuck she ever had and she would marry me if she could.

A year later I got a divorce from my cold fish of a wife and started to see Leanna on a regular basis. We are now married and she had actually turned me into a swinger. I will fuck nearly anything she offers me and have even let a number of guys fuck my ass. We are swingers and are loving every fucking minute of it. I have come to love sucking cock and having our lovers fuck me. Leanna seems to like it as well and she cums nearly every time someont either fucks me or ingers my asshole. This is the greatest fucking life I could imagine.