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My husband calls me a nympho simply because I want him to fuck me at least four times a week. We've been married for six years now and still fuck like rabbits. He sells medical supplies and is gone sometimes for two weeks at a time. i almost can't fucking stand it. When he's gone I finger fuck myself all the way home from work. I also take my bra and panties off just as I get off work and play with my nipples when my fingers aren't in my pussy.

At work I sit in the cube next to Terry. He's kind of a nerd but a really sweet guy. We often subtly flirt during the day and one time when he asked me to help him with something on his computer I felt his hand on my ass. I wiggled it a little then told him this wasn't appropriate in the workplace. We have been flirting like this for several months and one day we were working late and he leaned over and said "Can I ask you a personal question?" I told him "Sure." Then he said "So what made you marry the man of your dreams?" Without even thinking I blurted out "His dick fit in my mouth." Then I thought "Oh fuck" and tried to ignore him. He laughed it off and said "So, what would you do with a really big dick?" I answered "I don't know but I'd like to find out." He let it drop at that.

This talk made me horny and John was out of town for a few more days so I headed to the bathroom and took off my bra and panties and put them in my purse. I could slightly smell my pussy but figured nobody else would ever know and got ready to head out. Then Terry mentioned that his ride had already left and asked if I could give him a lift home. After all he was almost on the way to my house. I couldn't say no and we headed to my car. I drive a really small car and it was about a 20 minute ride to his place. My nipples really needed my fingers on them and a few minutes into the ride I glanced over and noticed the outline of his cock in his pants. Then I saw him glance at my tits. I got bold and looked back down at his cock and asked "You excited about something?" He looked at my tits and said "Nothing other than your tits staring at me." We both laughed a little and I reached over and put my hand on his cock. It felt really big and at the same time he put his hand on my thigh. Then he said "I can smell you" as his hand ran up my thigh. I was in a horned state and opened my legs a little. His fingers touched my clit. "Oh fuck" I said as we were getting close to his apartment. We finally got there and he asked if I liked beer. When I said I did he invited me in to have one. I agreed.

We sat on the sofa as he opened a couple of beers. We drank and he opened two more. And a couple more. I was starting to feel a little drunk, horny and frisky and kept looking at his cock. I reached up and unbuttoned my blouse. I really wanted him to fuck me right there but really didn't think it was going to happen so I pulled my blouse exposing my tits. "Honey, you're fucking married" he said. I responded "What that little cock doesn't know won't hurt him." At that he reached over and started to play with my tits. And when he rolled my nipples between his fingers I almost came right there. I leaned in and kissed him. Then he just leaned back. "Fuck" I thought. He needs me to make the first move. I reached over and put my hand back on his cock through his pants. I felt it twitch so I unbuckled and unzipped him. Shen I pulled his pants and shorts down my eyes nearly popped. John's cock was only about five inches but Terry's was at least seven, maybe eight inches long and really thick. I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. I couldn't get it all in my mouth and when I cupped his nuts I found them to be about twice the size of my husband John's. I needed this cock inside me. I took my mouth off of his cock and said "I need you to fuck me right now. I got on the carpet on all fours and raised my ass up in the air. I lifted my skirt over my ass exposing my trimmed cunt. He knelt behind me and in one motion buried his cock inside me. "Oh fuck" I said loudly as he fucked me. I had three orgasms. Then he said he was going to cum and asked if I wanted it in my cunt or my mouth. I scooted off of him and spun around. I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked him until he filled my mouth with more cum that I'd ever had before.

That was the greatest fuck I ever had and at least twice a month I give him a ride home. I have to be careful that I have his cum cleaned off and out of me before I head home. When John fucks me now it's not quite the same but I don't let on. In addition I've bought a couple of rubber cocks that I satisfy myself with when John is a little short. He's okay with it and has no idea I'm fucking a really big cock with my goofy co-worker. We've been very careful and will continue to be as long as we both work there. I guess my husband was right, I am just a fucking nympho.