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Fairly certain I've been addicted to anything sexual since I was a fairly young. All of what I'm going to recount to you is more than likely the reason why I have the fetishes I have and why I'm secretly bisexual. I can recall learning how to jerk off my uncut dick around 7 which made me wonder if everybody had a dick like mine. At school I would piss into the toilet in a stall with other guys so I could see what their dick looked like and if they were circumsized or not. This is probably why I love watersports now

When I was 9 or 10 I discovered my Dad's porn stash and this opened up a whole new world to me.

I would show my buddies who came over his porn and some would want to try what they saw in the magazines. We would usually just rub heads together until my best friend and I took it further. We tried tasting each other's penises by putting them in our mouth but only for a little bit. We also tried fucking each other in the ass but never really succeeded. This is probably why I'm secretly bi and would love to experience sucking a fully erect uncut cock till it cums down my throat while another cock is fucking my asshole to the point of orgasm at which time they nut deep and hard up my ass.

A few years later in my teens, I was in charge of feeding the dogs we bred on our farm and I would watch the dogs fuck and wonder why they stood end to end after the male was done with the female. I was curious and so I started to examine the male and female genitals in private, One bitch let me stick a finger in her hot pussy and wiggle it till she came. I was so turned on I jerked off all over stomach. This led me to search for animal sex on the internet and I was blown away by what I found. Ever since I have been fascinated with the beastiality. I've had dogs lick my cock and asshole, I've jerked male dogs off, and I've ever tried to get some to mount me with no success. I would love to know what it would feel like to have a dog's knot swell inside my anus and feel all that hot cum filling me up.

Later in high school the youngest of my older sisters was home from college. We had to share a bed since everyone was home for the holidays. Somehow we got on the topic of sex and masturbation and dicks. It all led to me asking her if she wanted to see mine and she said yes. I'll never forget the gasp she made when I showed her my hard cock and rolled the foreskin back over the head. She said it was the biggest dick she's ever seen (a compliment I'm still receiving to this day). I stroked it for her a bit and then I asked if I could see her pussy, she agreed but said she would show me in the bathroom behind the locked door. We went from my room to the bathroom and once the door was closed and locked she laid down on the floor and peeled off her bottoms to show me one of the best looking cunts I've ever seen. She held her lips apart and I could see just how wet she was from seeing my dick earlier. Unfortunately someone knocked at the door and interrupted us. It was an awkward situation trying to explain why the two of us were in there together and I'm not quite sure they bought our story.

After graduating college I had an older gal that was a FWB who I could call and have her come over at the drop of a hat to suck and fuck me. We started talking about fantasies and she said she had always wanted a man to start pissing in her snatch in the middle of fucking her. I told her I would gladly oblige her that sometime with a little bit of planning. One night I was about 8-10 beers deep when she knocked on the door. She stripped and pulled down my shorts and proceed to suck my cock while I had another 4 beers or so. I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. We stepped into the shower and I slid my hard dick up her loose cunt and started to fuck her fast and hard from behind. It took some will power but I over came my body and started taking a hot beer piss deep in her pussy. I have yet to feel a cunt squeeze and clench out of such an intense orgasm the way she did that night. She ended up orgasming twice in a row while I pissed in her. She thanked me by getting on her knees and swallowing all the cum I could feed her. That was a great night.

Now here I am, in my mid thirties with all these fantasies and fetishes, wants and desires. There aren't too many things I'd be opposed to trying. Maybe I'll be able to scratch them off the list some day.