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This one is so shameful. Is when I went to watch a trial for rape where my dad was the lawyer. Again I was visiting home and was withdrawing from Xanax, so i was having a similar reaction with my body. This is shameful but the trial concerned a 16 year old girl who had been raped by some 16-17 boys in her neighborhood.

This is not a story... this is what truly happened. My wife and I were seated in the public gallery with everyone else listening to the trial. We had been there over an hour when they ask the girl to come to the stand to tell what happened. Now I already feel so badly for this girl because here she is in public about to explain how 3 guys raped her. But I'm kinda startled when She walks out and is a very cute girl, kinda trashy cute white girl. She begins to start her story with this very Innocent, vulnerable and precious voice. She says "I was upstairs in my room playing when these neighborhood boys came in the room, laughing and pushing each other around". She goes on that they got on the bed with her and started grabbing her and holding her down.

She was so cute and kinda fake innocent in her telling of this but she went into great detail. The trouble started when she said " the boys held her down and pulled her shorts off and she had to reach down to keep her panties on." It was horrible to think about her being abused like this but I hadn't had an orgasm in like 7 days so when I heard her say "my panties" I immediately felt blood rush to my groin. She went on telling how she was on her belly when the boys started poking there penises against her butt and pressing the panties into her butthole.

I tried to ignore her words but it was torture, my cock swelled in my kacki's as I leaned forward to hide it. The lawyer (my dad) asked her to explain what happened next. She said " they then pulled her panties down and the first boy pushed his penis into her from behind". She said she felt it go into her. The lawyer asked "tell me exactly where it went into, can you explain where you felt it go in?". She said very innocently "I think it went into my butt like two times then white stuff came out and he stopped"... omg... my cock was swollen and pulsing in my pants as she said this. Its wierd that she says it was her butt, but idk maybe it was her butt and not her vagina. My wife is sitting right next to me and looks at me with this face that says isn't this horrible, as I shake my head in disgust. It wasnt that I was ever into rape porn or rape thoughts, and I felt badly for this girl but her expressing these brutal sex acts, mixed with xanax withdrawal, not cumming for 7 days ..well it had me on the edge. She goes on to explain how "the next boy pushed his penis into her really quickley because of the white stuff in her butt." The lawyer asked her if she knew what the white stuff was and she said "yes it came from the boys penises." I shifted in my seat putting my hands on my knees, I arched my back and pressed my butt hard against the seat as I felt my butthole contract. She goes on to explain that the second boy pushed it in and out many times then he pulled it out and white stuff came out and dribbled all over her butt."

I tried not to let her words turn to images in my head but I couldn't help it, I got an intense visual of her cute but with cum dripping out as I felt the blood rush to my taint. I gripped my kneecaps trying to hold back, as my cock was dripping precum into my undies. She said she "managed to get up off her belly on to all fours and could feel the white stuff dripping out of her". Now my wife is sitting so close that I can feel her hips against mine, and for some reason I assume she can feel how hot my skin is, I paranoidily think she knows that I have gotten an erection from this awful story. The shame only makes it worse as I squirm in my seat trying to get some room between us. The girl goes on to say that "the other two boys hold her up on all fours as the third and last one pushes into her". She says "he pushed in and out really fast and cant remember how many times, but she remembers he pushed in real hard one time and she could feel that he was putting the white stuff into her butt. Again all innocent she said " the white stuff", however this was a fully grown girl and you could tell she was playing innocent. It drove me crazy..

OMG, I sat as still as I could as my groin was so full of blood..then I knew it was all for naught. A huge stream of cum shot up from my balls as my butthole released from its contraction. It filled my undies in the first hot stream, my butthole contracted again as my cock pulsed and shot another huge stream of cum into my undies. Then again and again and again... I shot jet after jet of ropey cum into my pants, my cock bouncing and pulsing with each jet. Finally after about a minute long ejaculation my cock started to shrink as cum kept dripping into my undies.

I knew I was in trouble so I jumped up and walked out of the courtroom without saying anything to my wife. I walked to the huge double doors with a partial boner and my cock still pulsing from the ejaculation that had occurred. I made it to the hallway where I looked down and could see a huge wet spot forming in my entire crouch. As I looked up my eyes met who i believed to be a family member of the little girl. He looked at me strangely then with disgust as I walked past him to the bathroom.

I got to the bathroom and into the stall and unbuckled and pulled my pants down to find that I had shot a huge amount of cum out of the opening of my boxers, completely soaking my kacki's. I was still shaking as this was #1 the most Intense orgasm I have ever had. From experience I knew the only thing I could do. I took off my undies and placed them on the back of the toilet then toon off my white t shirt from under my dress shirt and rubbed at my crotch using the tshirt to create heated friction. I was rubbing super fast to create enough heat to dry the stain, all the while imagining how I was to get out of this situation. After about 10 minutes the stain began to disappear. It was still a little noticable but I felt I could get away with nobody knowing what had happened. So I got up and grabbed my undies that, and I will never forget this, seemed heavy as hell as they were completely soaked with my cum. I threw them away along with my tshirt and walked back into the courtroom quickly and sat down. They were finishing up as I sat down and my wife looked at me strangely and said "what happened to you, you missed the best part?". I dont think so I said to myself, as I told her again my stomach was acting up. We left and nobody ever found out... well until now.