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My wife and I have been together for 8 years. We love each other and have a fantastic sexual connection. We try EVERYTHING. We are fully open with one another about everything, except I was hiding a secret.

I've always known I was bisexual, but because of the small town I grew up in, I never acted on it. We now love in a major international City.

We were going through a pretty heavy swinging phase a year ago(we go back and forth on it) when she told me she would like to try one of the ladies only nights, which got us talking. I admitted I was at least curious and would like to try playing with men. She was intrigued, but a little apprehensive. Eventually she told me I HAD to go to one of the local bathhouses to have some fun.

That first time I got groped and grabbed by soooo many guys. (I'm reasonably attractive and toned). It started as soon as I entered the showers. All eyes were on me. It was intimidating, but so arousing. Next I visited the foam room and made out with a guy and stroked his cock a little bit. My first time ever touching another man's cock. It was smaller than mine but probably the hardest dick I've ever encountered. He started to finger me a bit and tried to fuck me against a wall. It was a bit too soon for me, and no condom means definitely no play. So I got out of there.

Next I visited the dark room and did some cheeky groping and stroking. Then I found my spot in the gloryhole rooms. It turns out I fucking LOVE sucking cock. I didn't even realise at first but I was moaning so loud and I was so hard sucking these guys off. A few guys stopped before coming and tried to enter my booth for sex, but I was enjoying myself and didn't want to stop.

That first night I sucked off 6 guys. It was incredible and life changing. I eventually went to the other side to try getting sucked off by a guy. It was completely different from a blowjob from a woman, but good, I still prefer doing the sucking. I eventually started to cum, and tried to pull my cock out of his mouth, but he sucked harder and made me cum in his mouth.

Since then I go once or twice a month, my wife is completely supportive and likes to hear how many guys I played with and how much fun I had. I still do the have sex with men(anonymous is a bit too dodgy) but my wife has purchased a harness and a bunch of compatible dildos of different sizes and has completely fallen in love with fucking me.

My wife and I still occasionally swing, I still play with women and I'm definitely not gay. But I am 100% bisexual. Sex with men or women is fantastic.