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Before we got married, I confessed to my wife that I had a couple of gay experiences. She didn't care as long as I loved her. One night, after we'd been married for a couple of years while we were pretty drunk, she asked if I enjoyed sucking that guy's cock before. I admitted it was different but was pretty pleasant. She let it drop. We were friends with a few couples and one Friday night after an early dinner and a bottle of wine my wife Jenny said we were going over to Jim and Deb's house. I didn't care and said okay. We got over there and Jim gave me a beer. Then another. I was pretty tipsy when the doorbell rang. It was Mitch and Alexandra, Alex. After they got settled Jim brought out a board game. It was pretty lame but I played along. Then the doorbell rang again. It was Mike and Mark, a gay couple. About 9:00 and after a couple more beers Deb said it was time for the real game. She brought out a game and said it was called "Truth or Fucking Dare." She had us move the couch back and had us sit in a circle on the floor.

My Wife Linda told me that she promised we would play along. The first couple of rounds were innocent enough. "Have you ever let a dog lick your face? and innocent questions like that. I thought that was interesting but nothing special. Then it was my turn and I picked a Truth card. It read "How many cocks have you sucked?" I looked at my wife and she reminded me we had to answer truthfully. "Three" I said and they actually clapped at that. When it came to my turn again I said Dare. It said to kiss the person on your left. It was Deb. My wife pushed me toward her and we kissed. I was surprised when her tongue entered my mouth. We kissed for a few seconds and broke the kiss. It seemed that the game was getting more daring. On the next round I chose Dare and it said to kiss the first person of the same sex that says your name. As I looked at the card Mark said "Come on Terry, what is it?" I then had to kiss Mark. His tongue was much more aggressive but it kind of got me turned on. Deb pulled the card that said "All players must play the rest of the game without their pants on." That was a little awkward because as Mike and Mark shed their pants I could see they didn't have on any underwear. I figured I was drunk enough that it didn't matter.

My turn came and I chose Truth. It said "Have you ever wanted to get ass fucked?" I thought for a minute and confessed I wondered what it would feel like.

My next turned changed my life. I picked up the dare card it said "The first man to say your name gets to ass fuck you for three minutes." I stared at the card and Jim said "What is it Terry?" I showed him the card and he let out a whoop. He told everyone he gets to fuck me in the ass. He said to kneel on all fours facing my wife and when I did he pulled my shorts down and squirted some lube in my ass and onto his cock. In one smooth motion he had his cock inside my ass. Linda said "Honey, that is so fucking hot." Jim's cock was small enough that it didn't hurt but felt really good. He fucked me for the required three minutes then pulled his cock out. All of a sudden my ass felt empty. I was now on about my eighth beer and would do anything. My next dare card said to suck the cock of the man two over on my right. It was Mark. Without hesitation I crawled over and laid in front of him. I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. He was telling my wife what a good cocksucker I was and if she ever got tired of me he would hire me. I was to suck him for three minutes but about the two and a half minute mark I felt him cum. He hit the back of my throat and I started to swallow. I took his entire fucking load and even stayed on his cock for a few extra seconds after the time was up. When I got off of him and turned around I saw Linda rubbing her cunt and there was a wet spot on her panties. She just winked at me.

I didn't consider myself gay but had a raging hard-on after sucking Mark's cock. Linda noticed and didn't even wait for her turn before she fished my cock out and gave me a mind-blowing blowjob. That was the first time she had swallowed and I was in love all over again. After the night was over we talked about it and she agreed that I could suck or fuck any other man but she had to be present. I have become a true cocksucker and love a big cock in my ass. I actually get more cock than my wife's cunt but she doesn't mind. As long as I'm happy she's happy and we are now full-fledged swingers. She loves both cunt and cock and so do I. So why shouldn't we indulge?