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We'd been married for a few years and one night were at the bar drinking. I was pretty drunk and my wife asked, "If you had your choice, who would you like to fuck?" I immediately said "Janis." We drank some more and I asked her "If you had your choice, who's cock would you suck?" Even faster than my answer she said Tom." That surprised me because tom was a big fat guy and not very good looking. When I asked why she said that the word was that he had a big cock. We got home about 11:00 that night and ended up fucking. A couple weeks later she said Tom was going to join us for dinner. When I questioned it she said "I thought you gave me permission to suck anybody I wanted." I was taken back at that but she said if I let her do this she would suck my cock whenever I wanted. I figured it was a pretty good deal so I said okay.

Tom arrived that night and we had a nice meal. We all went into the living room and my wife brought us all a beer. After about five more she said it was time. When I asked that it was time for what she said to start sucking cock. For some reason Tom came over and sat on the couch next to me. I was pretty drunk and he grabbed the back of my head and said that it was time for me to suck his cock. I said I wasn't gay and my wife chimed in, "That's okay. I knew Tom was gay and I really want to see you suck another man's cock." With one hand on the back of my head his other hand unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He didn't have on any underwear. His cock showed with it's hood over the head and he pulled me down a little. He was much stronger than me and my wife said "honey, I've waited for a long time to see you truly embrace your desire and suck a big cock." I started to protest when Tom pulled me down enough so my mouth was at his cock. I couldn't resist and put my mouth on his cock. I sucked him until his hood was stretched over the head of his cock. I was drunk and thoroughly enjoying this, forgetting all about my wife watching us. I finally got him hard when I heard her whisper "Now I want him to fuck you." I was surprised at that and when I looked back at her she just nodded.. Tom turned me around and told me to get on all fours. When I did he pulled my pants and undies down to my knees. I felt a finger play with my asshole then something wet being squirted into my ass. Then he scooted up to me and pushed his cock into my ass. He waited until I relaxed a little then started to fuck me. He fucked me for the next 20 minutes and I finally started to enjoy it. I was moaning a little when he started to pound me hard and deep. I was feeling it when my wife said for him to breed me. I looked at her when he said he would fuck me like his bitch. He grabbed my hips and pulled back as he filled my ass with his cum. I expected him to be finished but he kept fucking me. Within minutes I could feel him stretch my asshole out again as his cock grew inside me and he kept fucking me.

He fucked me for about 30 minutes when my wife told him to breed my mouth. Before I knew it he had pulled out of my asshole and had moved me around so his cock was at my mouth. I looked at it. His cock was bigger than any I'd seen before. "Oh fuck" I said as he grabbed my ears and pushed his cock into my mouth. I tried to say I wasn't gay but his cock muffled my words. Then my wife came over and whispered that she thought I was a wonderful cock sucker and should take his entire cock into my mouth. He pushed in and his cock hit the back of my throat then pulled almost all the way out. I was enthralled by the idea of being mouth fucked while my wife watched. She said "Honey I love to see you suck cock and want him to cum in your mouth. If you do this I'll love you forever." I loved that and let him cum in my mouth. She told me to swallow it all. I did.

Three months later we were divorcing. She said she could never marry a man who was gay. Fuck. She got me. We're now divorced me but I have sucked a bunch of cocks since then and have been ass fucked a bunch of times. I loved her but now have found my true calling. That would be to suck a big cocl and let him fill me with his cum. What a fucking life.