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Me and my girl friends were at the bar that Friday night. We were having a good time when a tall good looking dude stepped between Debbie and me. "Hi, I'm Angus" he said.. I didn't want to be rude so I stuck out my hand and said "I'm Marge." He leaned in and said "Your nipples are pointing right at me. I think you want to suck my cock." I was taken back. I told him I was married and that wasn't going to happen. He just smiled and walked away. Tammy was sitting next to me and said he hit on any new meat at the bar and tonight I was that new meat. I asked if she ever fucked him and she said that she did but he was a total asshole. I was getting pretty drunk when I looked to the other end of the bar and he had his fingers in a V and his tongue through them. I felt a slight stirring in my cunt. It was just me and Tammy by 11:00 and she said she had to get home. I said I was okay to drive and ordered another beer. Before the beer even arrived Angus was sitting by my side. He had his hand on my thigh and whispered "I know you're curious. My cock is almost nine inches long in case that cunt hadn't told you." he rubbed his hand up my thigh under my skirt and I didn't stop him. "Your thighs are silky smooth" he said as his hand moved up a little farther. There were only a few people in the bar at this time of night and nobody could see us.

My husband hadn't wanted sex in about a month and was out of town for another week. I was fucking horny and actually opened my legs when he ordered me another beer and I felt a finger on my pussy. "I don't think that's a good idea" I told him but he just slowly moved his finger inside my panties and leaned in. "I can make you cum harder than that fucking man of yours." I had finished my beer and had another in front of me before I could tell him no. He was pretty smooth and when I felt his finger enter my pussy he leaned in and said that my cunt made him hard. He said to drink my beer and he would make sure I was safe. This was about my ninth beer and I was fucking reeling. I finished my beer and he took my arm and said I was in no shape to drive. I agreed. He led me out and to his truck. It was actually a pickup with a camper on the back and he said I should rest before I drove home. We crawled into the camper and he sat me on the small couch. He said "You need to get home soon but in the shape you're in and the fact that you keep begging to suck my cock, I'm going to let you." I couldn't remember shit but as he took his pants off and stuck his cock up to my mouth I didn't want to argue. He pushed in and I took his massive cock in my mouth. He started to mouth fuck me and said that he didn't want to do it but I was too beautiful for him to resist.

I closed my eyes and let him fuck my mouth. A little bit later he said he was going to cum and filled my mouth. He said that I begged him to cum in my mouth. I was fucking drunk but was enjoying sucking this big cock. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen and ultimately ended up draining him and swallowing every fucking drop. He kept his cock in my mouth until he was getting hard again. Then he laid me on the couch and undid my blouse and pushed my bra over my tits. He said that I was the sexiest fucking woman he'd ever met and that he'd be honored to suck my tits like I asked. I don't remember asking him but since he said it, it must have been true. Before I knew it my pants and panties were off and he was tongue fucking me. He worked my clit like nobody ever had and I came time after time. I was yelling for him to fuck me by the time I came the fourth time. He put me on my knees and shoved his cock inside me. It was the greatest feeling I'd ever had. He fucked me harder, longer and better than my husband ever could. As he was ready to cum he asked if I wanted it in my cunt, ass or mouth. When I said I didn't care he put me on my belly and I felt his cock being shove into my asshole. I'd never bee fucked like that before but was too drunk to protest. His cock entered me and about split me in two. While he was ass fucking me his fingers were cunt fucking me. Oh my what a fucking feeling. I think I passed out at one point because when I came to I was on my back with his cock in my mouth. Shortly afrter I woke up he came in my mouth again. He was finally spent and took his cock out. It was so fucking big I couldn't believe it. He leaned down and kissed me. We kissed for at least three minutes as he fondled my tits and fingered my cunt again. When we broke the kiss he opened the door and told me to get the fuck out. When I hesitated he said that I was okay but if I wanted to suck his cock again I had to be a bit better than I was this night.

I was humiliated but two nights later when my pussy started itching and Terry was gone for six more days I knew I needed that fucking cock of his again. It took three days until I saw him at the bar again but I've been hooked on his cock ever since and actually look forward to Terry to be out of town again. Man my fucking cunt wants that cock.