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When I was 16 my brother was 19. I had just shaved my pussy and liked the way it felt and one Friday night he came over and invited to spend some time with him. My parents thought it would be good for me so I went with him. I didn't know he was a fucking pervert. As soon as we got to his house he said before the night was over I would end up sucking his cock. I was a little worried but put it past me. after the first movie he offered me a beer. I drank it Then he offered me another. After the fifth beer he sat next to me on the couch. As the movie played I felt his hand on my thigh. I was reeling from the beer and he turned my face toward him He kissed me and I felt his hand on a breast. He started to tweak a nipple and I felt my pussy start to get warm. He kissed me for a long time and he unbuttoned and unzipped my Jeans. I tried to tell him this was inappropriate but his hand was on my pussy. He was rubbing me and stuck a finger inside me. I didn't want him to stop. I leaned my head back and heard myself say for him to fuck me.

He said he wouldn't fuck me until I sucked his cock. His finger turned into two and he made me cum. I was reeling when he pulled his fingers out of me and I was staring at his cock as he hovered over me on the couch. I hadn't noticed when he pulled his pants off but his cock was beautiful. It had a nice head and when he put it up to my lips I opened my mouth. He mouth fucked me until he started cumming. He said to just relax and swallow. I did and soon he was pulling his cock out of my mouth. Then he got me another beer. I was fucking drunk and didn't know what the fuck I was doing,. Before he took me home he said I had to sober up a bit. I agreed and as soon as I said that he said he wanted to fuck me. My cunt was still pretty itchy after I sucked him wo when he told me to get on all fours I did. He pulled my pants and panties off and scooted up behind me. He shoved his cock into my wet pussy and fucked me for nearly half an hour. I came so many times I couldn't count. He finally came inside me and when he pulled out we sat on the couch and watched another movie. My cunt was dripping with his cum when I finally got home. Mom was asleep but dad met me at the door. He could smell the beer on me and said I was in trouble. I begged him not to tell mom and he said that might be arranged.

That's another story but know that I ended up sucking my step father's cock and had him fuck me. Not only that night but for many nights to come, but that's another story.