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My wife and have become really close with my son-in-law and his family. My son-in-law, Jim and I are like brothers. One day he asked if me and my wife fuck ofte. I said no. He said he wondered what it would be like when he was my age. I said that there is no sex and he better get used to jerking off if he wanted satisfaction. He didn't like that answer and asked if I ever went outside the home to get sex. We were at the bar that night and had a few too many when I told him the best answer was to learn how to suck cock, and only then could he weather the no sex storm. He asked how he could do that. I confided that I had sucked a couple of cocks and could show him if he wanted. He was in his 40s now and the sex has almost stopped for him. He said that he'd be willing if I showed him what to do.

The next weekend I invited him over to help me on the car and we went into the garage. I asked him if he was serious about alternative sex opportunities and he said he was serious. I told him to drop his pants. He did and I reached down and pulled his under shorts down over his cock. His cock was beautiful and much bigger than mine. I told him that it didn't mean he was gay but I'd like to suck his cock. He hesitated then told me to go anead. I took his cock in my mouth and proceeded to suck him until he was ready to cum. I said to let it fly and he filled my mouth with his cum. His cock was about seven inches long and pretty thick. I was loving it.

Over the next six months I sucked his cock about a dozen times and he admitted he hadn't had sex with his wife during all that time. After the last time I sucked his cock and took his cum he said he wanted to see what it was like to suck a cock. I pulled my cock out and he knelt before me. It wasn't near as big as his cock but I was loving it. I said I was going to cum and held his head as I came in his mouth. He took it and didn't seem to mind. After we were done I reassured him that this didn't make him gay but if he felt the need to suck my cock I'm always available and vice versa.

The first couple years were pretty sporadic but since then we get together at least three times a week and either suck each other off or fuck each other. He claims he isn't gay, but in my heart I know we both are a bit bi-sexual and love to suck cock, fuck a man's asshole and get fucked by another man. I'm glad my daughter married him.