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It was during Sunday School. After class was over LeAnn came up behind me and ran her hands down my chest. My wife was next to me and I turned around and stood up. "I'm sorry honey but that's not appropriate here." She backed off for a second and apologized. Then she said "So when is it appropriate?" I said "Maybe on Tuesday night after Bible study?" I was sort of flippant with that remark. On Tuesday she showed up. My wife wasn't there and after everyone left LeAnn asked "is now an appropriate time to rub your chest?" I couldn't think of a good reason not to so I said it was okay. She rubbed up and down my chest and said what a masculine man I was and that her husband had just went to prison. I offered my condolences and the lights in the church went out. We were the only ones left. She said "Since my husband went away I've been awful lonely." At that she moved her hand down from my chest to my crotch. She squeezed my cock and said that she has been wanting me for a long time. I didn't move her hand but asked what she had in mine. She said to follow her home and I'd find out.

I decided to follow her home. We entered her apartment and she said that she was alone and really missed a cock in her life. That surprised me and I asked how I could help. She knelt down n front of me and took my cock out of my pants. It's nothing special, about five inches or so when hard but I was surprised when she put her mouth on me and started to suck me. I asked what she was doing and she said that she really needed a cock in her pussy. She sucked me until I was hard and then stood up. She said that I could do anything to her I wanted as long as I had my cock in her cunt. I thought for a moment and had her turn around. I took off her blouse and bra and used her bra to tie her hand behind her back. I asked if this what she had in mind and she said "I'll suck you, fuck you or anything else you want to do to me." I was pretty horny so I told her to get on her knees. She obeyed. I said to suck me until I filled her mouth with my cum. She sucked me like there was no tomorrow and when I was ready to cum I warned her. . She only smiled with my cock n her mouth and mumbled to give it to her. I came and she swallowed every drop. Then she sucked me until I was hard again. "Now I want you to fuck me" she said and laid on her back and pulled her legs up. I loved to eat my wife's pussy and I figured this was my chance so I knelt down and stuck my tongue in her cunt. I tongue fucked her for about five minutes and she didn't make a whisper. Her hands were bound and she was willing to offer her cunt up to me. Wow. When she sensed my hesitation she said to use her anyway I pleased. I thought this was too good to be true.

After I ate her pussy for a bit I told her to turn over. She obeyed. I started on her inner thighs and worked my way up to her pussy. She kept saying how good it felt from someone she admired the most. I continued working my hands up until I reached her ass cheeks. I massaged her cheeks for a minute then slapped one of her ass cheeks. She didn't flinch. After a few more slaps I finally got a whimper out of her. I asked if I was being too rough and she told me again to use her however I wanted. So I slapped her ass cheeks about two dozen times really hard and I could hear her sobbing a little. I rubbed my hand up and down her ass crack and through her sobs she pushed her ass up a little bit. I couldn't resist and started to tongue her asshole. I worked her hole for about five minutes and the whole time she was sobbing. I asked if she was okay and she nodded for me to continue. I stuck a wet finger in her asshole and pushed in. She raised her ass a little more and told me to abuse her. I said okay and stuck two, then three fingers into her asshole. I was ass fucking her with my hand. Then she said she needed me to fuck her. I took my fingers out and scooted up behind her. I pulled her back a bit and shoved my semi-hard cock into her cunt. She then said "Oh yeah honey, fuck me like you're on your honeymoon." I fucked her for at least a half hour and was tired. I pulled out of her pussy and laid back. Without speaking she turned around and took my cock in her mouth. She mumbled "I'm not gonna stop until you cum." She sucked my cock for a good half hour and I was finally ready to cum and warned her. She kept her mouth on my cock as I came for the second time in one night. It wasn't a lot but she seemed to take it all. I was finally spent and she came up and straddled my chest. She was still bound so she couldn't use her arms but could wiggle up until her face was right above mine. the she leaned down to kiss me and as I opened my mouth to accept hers I could taste my cum oozing out of her mouth into mine. What a fucking rush as we kissed and both tasted my cum with out spit. We kessid for about a minute and she asked me to undo her bonds. I did and we kissed again. She never cussed but said "that was the best fuck I've eber had."

From that day forward we meet about once a month at her place and she either sucks my cock or has me fuck her, first in her cunt then in her ass. My wife has never caught on and I hope never will but I surely enjoy my time with that cum sucking vixen, LeeAnn.