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I usually worked late when my wife was out of town. She sells medical equipment and is often gone for extended stretches. She was out of town and I was working late that Friday night. Janis worked in the cubicle next to me and we often flirt near the end of the day. That night she invited me to dinner since my wife was gone.. I accepted and followed her home. We had a nice chicken dinner and shared a bottle of wine. After dinner she brought out a couple of beers. She liked sports and turned on the basketball game. We drank a few more beers and I was a bit drunk. Just before the second half started she excused herself and a few minutes later came out in a see through nightie and sheer panties. I tried to ignore her but it seemed like her nipples kept getting bigger every time I glanced. The game was a runaway and nearly over. She sat next to me on the couch. I could smell her sex. She put a hand on my thigh and said that basketball gets her horny. Her hand moved up and squeezed my cock. She asked if I was drunk enough to fuck her. My mind was reeling and I just stared at her tits. She put my hand on one of her tits and said she liked it rough. She undid my pants and her hand pulled my cock out through my underpants slit. She said "Oh my fucking word. Your cock looks fucking delicious. She bent down and put her mouth on the head of my cock. I nearly came right there.

She got up and said we should go to the bedroom. I followed her with my cock sticking out. It wasn't the biggest cock but it was adequate I suppose. As soon as we walked in she turned and kissed me. We broke the kiss and she told me to say that I wanted to fuck her. I said "Honey, I want to fuck you so bad." She said "what about your wife?" I looked at her and said my wife could go fuck herself and she had gotten too fat for a good fuck. She whispered to me "I want you to slap me, throw me down on the bed, beat my ass a little then fuck me." She stepped back and I slapped her. It wasn't very hard but she looked surprised. I grabbed her like she said and threw her on the bed. I pulled her panties down and smacked her ass a few times. Then I took my pants and shorts off and crawled on top of her. I spread her legs a little and rammed my cock into her. It only took about two minutes and I filled her with my cum. When I pulled out I could see she was crying. I leaned down to her and again she whispered "Make me suck your cock now." I now knew she liked it a little rough so I grabbed her hair and said "Suck my cock bitch." I still had cum dripping off the end of my cock and pulled her over to suck me. five minutes later she pulled off of me and said how fun that was. She led me back to the living room and popped a couple more beers.

I had downed my beer and she left for a minute. She came back with her laptop and said she needed to show me something. It started with me slapping her and proceeded to fuck her in what looked like a rape scene. She had filmed us. I thought I did a decent job of it until she said "Well, now that you know what's on my computer if you don't want your fat ugly wife to see this you're gonna do what I say. Then she proceeded to tell me the ways she had saved it so I could never find it. "Fuck me" I said in disgust. What is it that you want?

She said "I want two things. First you don't say another fucking word until I tell you to. Not one fucking word. Second, you do exactly as I tell you without hesitation or she gets this in her e-mail along with the police and the local news. Nod if you understand." I nodded. She then reached in a drawer in the stand next to the couch and brought out a rag and blindfolded me. I just sat there. It seemed like an eternity when I heard the front door open. About 30 seconds later she said to open my mouth. I did and tasted a big cock being pushed in. Then she said "Suck him like you're his bitch because that's what you are now." I closed my mouth around his cock and he proceeded to fuck my mouth. Five minutes later he was cumming. "Swallow every fucking drop" she said. I did but hated every fucking second of it. He didn't take his cock out of my mouth but just kept fucking my mouth and pretty much stayed hard. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth she told me to get on all fours on the floor with my ass in the air. I was fucking humiliated but complied. Then I felt something being pushed into my ass. She was having this fucking guy ass fuck me. I had never had any sort of gay experience before and now I've sucked my first cock and was being ass fucked. It hurt like a fucker and I was doing my best not to make any noise. Then she told me to tell him to fuck me harder. I did. She said to say it again. This happened three more times. Then she told me to tell him to breed my gay fucking man-cunt. I did. He fucked me for about 10 more minutes and pulled out. She said to roll over and open my mouth. I did and 20 seconds later his cum was dripping into my mouth. Then she said to clean him off. He stuck his cock back in my mouth and I sucked him until he was clean. Then he was gone.

Ten minutes later she took the blindfold off and showed me this video. All that was on it was him mouth fucking me, then me on the floor telling him to fuck me harder and to breed my gay fucking man-cunt. "Same rules as before" she said. Then she kicked me out and I drove home half drunk. She called me over the next two nights and blindfolded me. Stone sober now she had me suck two different guys while a third ass fucked me. Over the next six months whenever my wife was gone I became her whore. She made a lot of money off of me and I started to like being ass fucked and sucking cock. Another two months and my wife filed for divorce. She had all of the videos. I was hooked on getting fucked for money. I quit my job and became her full-time man-cunt. Now I suck cock and open my ass to anybody my dom tells me.