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We'd been married for a few years and one night we got a case of beer and I had had a couple too many. She knew I was pliable when I'm drunk and she was next to me on the couch. She started to rub my cock and ended up pulling my cock out. She bent down and started to suck me and I was loving it. I had my head back and my eyes closed when she kissed me and said she wanted to roofy me. I said "Sure, why not?" She brought me another beer and the next thing I woke up with a sore ass and a crusty substance all over me, including in my ass crack.

It was Saturday so when I walked downstairs she had waffles ready. We enjoyed a nice day and I didn't mention anything about my ass hurting as it's a bit embarrassing. That night she popped a couple of cans of beer and then a few more. I was getting drunk again when she asked how my ass felt. I told her it was a little sore but I was okay. "Good" she said, because we're gonna replay last night if you're up to it. Then she said it was the most turn-on experience she'd ever had. I had no idea what had happened but I told her that I'd do anything for her. We drank a little more and she said this was a very special night. She texted someone on her phone and said to just relax. She started to rub my cock though my gym shorts and I was getting hard. Then she asked what I'd do for her. I told her I'd do anything to make her happy. Then she said that whatever happened I promised to make her happy. She took her clothes off and was sitting on the couch by me when the doorbell rang. She answered it completely naked and I wondered what was going on. Two big dudes came in and she said "There he is boys. Make me cum." I couldn't hardly focus but was pretty aware when Jim, as she called him, stood in front of me and took his pants off. I was staring at a really big cock. She said it really turns her on to watch men sucking cock. At that Jim stuck his cock between my lips and said to suck him. I looked over and she was in a recliner with her hand between her legs. Then she said "That's it Jimmy, fuck that pussy's mouth." He started to mouth fuck me and I responded. It was like nothing I ever felt before in my mouth. Soon I was eagerly sucking him.

He moved me so I was almost reclining with my ass off of the couch but he was straddling me with his cock in my mouth. I felt another hand on my cock. It was Mark. He was stroking my cock when I felt a wet finger start to play with my asshole. Mark was on his knees now and scooted up to me. I felt his cock at my asshole. I tried to mumble that I wasn't gay but they all ignored me. He shoved his cock inside me and started to fuck me. It felt huge as it split my asshole open. While he was fucking me Jim was mouth fucking me and said he was ready to cum. He looked over at my wife and she said to let me have it. He started to cum and I heard her yell "Oh fuck yeah. Breed that mouth cunt. He did and started to cum. He filled my mouth and I took nearly all of it. Then I could feel his shorter but thicker cock continue to mouth fuck me until he was getting hard again. He had me stand up and take my clothes off. My cock was rock hard now and neither of them had really done anything. Jim sat on the couch and told me to kneel and suck him. I did and at the same time Mark was reaming my ass with his cock. Hg grunted that he was cumming and my wife said to do it. He came in my ass and it was dripping down my leg when he pulled out. He quickly sat on the couch next to Jim. They scooted me over and said to suck Mark. I could taste his cum as he shoved it in my mouth. Then Jim was behind me fucking me. I was pretty drunk but not to the point I couldn't feel him inside me. He fucked me until he emptied his nuts inside me also and Mark finally came in my mouth.

When they were done they both got dressed and left. My wife Linda said that she had another surprise for me. I was still kneeling in front of the couch resting my head on the couch when she said she needed to fuck me too. She left the room and a minute later came back with a huge fucking strap-on belted around her waist. She knelt behind me and shoved that big cock inside me. It nearly split me open but I was lubed up pretty good with all the cum in my ass and she proceeded to ass fuck me for the next half hour. I still hadn't cum yet when she finally pulled out and told me to turn around and jerk off for her. It didn't take me but about two minutes and I was spilling my seed all over her chest.

I never dreamed she was such a fucking slut as she confessed that both Jim and Mark had been fucking her for years. Even before we met and if I liked it she would make it a regular thing. She said she didn't care if I liked cock as long as I liked her cunt as well. I agreed and we have been fucking those two studs for a couple of years now. She has turned me into a real cock and cum slut and she seems to like it almost as much as me.